Is Taiwan racist?


I’d never say Taiwan doesn’t have a racism problem.

Though, please don’t say western countries are less racist or discriminatory. President of US prohivits entry of people based on their nationalities.


I remember watching a video of an African reporter in a 3rd tier city in Mainland China. They were staring at the Black reporter like an object because they had never seen a black person. The African asked if racism exists in China. The group of Chinese men huddled by the corner said racism doesn’t exist in China because everyone is Chinese.


They must have found a 5000 year old map giving China all the worlds territories.


Is there a country where it’s even close to being egalitarian when it comes to a persons race/ethic backgrounds and nationality? I’ve never been to a place where these two things didn’t play into the outcome of daily activities.


New Zealand’s not bad but Maori are still massively over-represented in the prison population, drug abuse statistics etc.


Discrimination occurs everywhere , you don’t have to be a different colour for it to occur.

However it’s the degree of discrimination and racism that’s the real concern. Is it stare sponsored ? Is there cultural acceptance for it ? Are there means of redress with the authorities ?


Yeah I’d believe that if it was said about 30 years ago. Come off it, maybe they’ve never seen a black guy in person but you can be sure they’ve seen on the TV etc. We’re not talking about an alien or something entirely fresh.

Black people that I know in Asia are remarkably good natured when it comes to stares or even racist behavior. Because many have dealt with it all their life, so Asia is a bit business as usual for them. Although in Japan there was a strange black dude who I knew who was visibly distressed and hostile towards a new black teacher who joined the city.

We were a small city under 800 000 people so there really wasn’t many black men about. Plenty of white Americans etc but he seemed to have found his niche as the only black man in town. When his nose was put out of joint by the new brother he sulked about it for weeks about how he wasn’t the only black guy now so he’d be going back to America.

Fortunately the new guy that came was far more down to earth and generally a better person. Oops, I’ve gone off topic a bit. Where was I?


This is about Taiwan. Why are you dragging western countries into this? There’s no census for one country being more racist than another so we can’t prove what you’re saying even if it was true. But let me just say that I’ve lived in many a country and I’m telling you from my experience the worst and most downright disappointing racism I’ve witnessed has been in Taiwan.

Now, I’ve not lived in America so there may be a country where it’s worse but I’d find it questionable. Because for every racist you’ll find in America I’m gonna guess you’d find one who isn’t. Having to do with a multicultural background as a nation and all.

Now if you were to walk into a Taiwanese junior or senior high school tomorrow and asked people what do you they think of black people and SEA people I’m sure you’d see a lot more discrimination then in an average European classroom.

In fact, if any teachers here are bold enough to bring up the topic with their students then I’d be very interested to hear the outcome of that conversation. But then, bringing it up as a topic would probably be taboo in a school because it’s something everyone knows exists here but they (principals etc) certainly would not want to encourage individual thought and critical thinking on matters such as diversity. No, that would be just terrible for the next generation of drones.


I’m sure we’ve all felt that “Get off my turf, foreigner!” feeling in Asia at least once.


And I respond by saying come build our railways! :joy:


“Our” you Taiwanese, Mr Comedian?


So many times it should’ve discouraged foreigners from even being friendly to one another. But still I persevere. Just because we come across the world to leave our own countries doesn’t mean we need to ignore our own race.

Even in Europe the Asians integrate with each other regardless of if they’re Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese etc. In that sense Europe is the ideal solution to the bizarre Asians hate pretty much all other Asians then them thing I’ve witnessed here.


No, they don’t. Don’t presume Asians will tend to mix with each just because they have yellow skin.


Yeah, that’s pretty much nonsense.


Don’t be mean to @tando, man.


Yellow skin? Ain’t nobody got yellow skin. Sounds like Jaundice to me. They’re brown. Why try and say yellow?


Boy, that escalated quickly.


What? East Asian skin tone can be pretty pale. I would say lighter or whiter than many “white” people.


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Do you mean, don’t make a lot of nonsense circling discussions, @tando?