Is Taiwan racist?



Yeah, I got girls in my office, the sort that open umbrellas on cloudy-not-rainy days. They way whiter than this honky. Way whiter. As in alabaster white.


You said they were yellow just five minutes ago. Did they cure the jaundice? Put those girls under the sun for 5 mins and they’ll be brown as toast. So are they white? Or is it just for the season?

This whole east asians are white thing is tiresome. They’re not. They just coat themselves in whitening agents and don’t go outside. That’s called pale. That’s called anemia. That’s called a complex


Yes but their skin is white. I don’t know what you want me to say. I can’t darken their skin for them just so you can win this argument.


I think there’s some miscommunication here in terms of skin tone and race. You can have pale skin without being a white person.


Certainly. Saying Asians have white skin or whiter then white as that Taiwanese guy earlier said is just misinformed or just plain delusion, or wishful thinking. Glad we cleared it all up.




We didn’t. It ain’t over till I say it’s over.

OK, it’s knocking off time. It’s over.

Asians may have brown skin or yellow skin or white skin. Actual physical skin color is not the issue here.


Are you thinking Asian/yellow/brown or whatever want to be white?


C’mon are you seriously asking that? Why do you think they’re the worlds biggest purchaser of whitening agents and creams?




well, Andrew’s not entirely wrong. I’ve met Asian people who are naturally paler than the darkest ethnically white people I know. Some white people have a ruddy skin tone or olive skin, and some Asian people have very fair skin.



Is John wick huwhite?


I’m not really sure why you are so insistent on Asians having brown skin…but many Asians have really pale complexion, certainly whiter than most. Most of my ex gf who are consider white are not really that white in skin complexion. Maybe olive?. Hell I can even say most white people have pretty brown color skin as well compared to some. It’s all relative. But many of the Korean girls I know including my mom are very white, pale, light skinned or whatever you have it.


Why would she be speaking about Spain? but if you are black and you have an encounter with the police in the USA, you better make sure you keep the cool with them and your hands at sight, otherwise they might freak out and shoot you down. And I’m not saying that this happens for no reason (more weapons on the street, and blacks being involved in violence more than whites, for whatever reasons), but the fact is that there’s definitively a bias against black people.

In Spain, AFAIK, there aren’t as many shootings (proportionally to the population) as in the USA, where apparently everything goes out of control so often.


A couple things:

  1. Asian people don’t want to like…stop being Asian and become white. But a lot of them have drunk the kool-aid and believe that fair skin is the path to beauty, wealth, and happiness, so they buy products with bleaching agents and hide from the sun whenever possible.

  2. Taiwanese people are technically islanders, so I’d say we’re darker on the whole, but if you head up north a few latitudes you’ll find a lot of naturally very pale Japanese and Korean people. Skin that pale is not super uncommon here either, but I’d wager that more of us have somewhat yellowish, olive skin.


Yes I was just about to say, it’s about social class not being “white”. It’s still common ideology here, more so amongst the rich and educate still sadly. I still remember eating dinner with a president of one of the largest companies in Taiwan and other well to do families and the president of that company asked why one of the other guys daughter was so dark skinned and said shame she is so dark at the end.


This is too logical and on point for this thread.


So sorry :laughing: I’ll see myself out


That is brutal