Is Taiwan racist?


My girl becomes white after makeup, or red in the sun.


Yeah, the guy that asked is one of the big electronic manufacturers, you’ve heard of this brand if you live here. I’ve witness the rich here be extremely into stuff like superstitions, folklore, etc. One guy was going to buy my house and signed the papers but backed out because the house is on the 4th floor. 4 sounds like death in Chinese…really stupid.


Really offensive to say that about somebody else’s daughter but par for the course here especially with the older folks . Nobody said shut the fuck up of course.


Before I go, I’d like to mention that those makeup transformation videos are extreme cases and I think they’re usually only done for internet fame. Most young people here prefer to simply match their foundation to their natural skin color like everyone else does. You might still catch some of the aunties putting on a face that’s substantially whiter than their own, but that’s pretty old-fashioned.


Funny, last place I lived was on the fourth floor but they just called it the fifth. No #4 button in the elevator.


it’s a very shallow and overly direct culture, sadly. My family’s tendency to up and announce whatever the hell observation they had about my body has really fucked me up over the years.

The most infuriating thing is even complete strangers will feel entitled to tell me what they think of my appearance. I was getting my nails done yesterday and some obnoxious fucking lady I had barely spoken ten polite words to said I’d look better without my glasses and if I was taller.

Watch for me on the news. I might end up putting a nail file in somebody’s eye.


Really cringe worthy, I think he threw in some did your wife drink lots of coffee when pregnant jokes? I wouldn’t say it that way but she was considerably darker than the rest of the family, but rude to do that in front of everyone. And I mean like other big CEOs and board members of companies in Taiwan. But yeah, no one said anything to him.


FWIW, the whole point behind the whitening obsession is historically culturally classist, dark skin traditionally comes from working outside, white skin means you’re higher class because you don’t do field work. It’s not a Chinese thing, you can find the same thing in almost any economically developed culture if you go back far enough.

Witness Mammy scolding Scarlet for not covering up in the sun and threatening her with getting all freckled up, like a “fiel’ hand”.
My own Grandmother, a classically trained racist from England, used to get on my sister about not getting tanned when we were kids.


My sister had the same things for pimples, weight, etc. i had the same issues but it was overshadowed by you’re so tall, you must play lots of basketball. Often they try to throw in you must drink milk, eat vegetables, etc to try to educate their kids. But I’m lactose intolerant and I really only started to eat veggies in my 20s really. I never ate veggies when I was a kid. Hated it.


Certainly not, I don’t know about Japanese that much but I know it’s still very much alive in Korea. Even in Italy there was that idea.


Some of them even bring fong shui “masters” with them viewing the house. I’ve heard of some ridiculous things idk how the guy making it up kept a straight face. Idk if these people really believe it or what.


Super rich people are usually really bored so they think about superstitious nonsense and bother with crap nobody else has the luxury of time or money to bother with.

I’ll admit that I’m racist. Racist toward the rich.


I agree almost 100%. Tanned skin became desirable in Europe and North American countries when it became linked to wealth (ie flying abroad for beach holidays). However, there is still something racial going on - such as the double eyelid nonsense.


Asians have outdated but healthier concepts here. They equate exposure to sun with agricultural status (i.e. being a farm worker). However, it is obviously healthier as anyone who has dated a prisoner from mother England (an Aussie) can attest to. Their skin, by their 40s, looks like a worn leather bag. In the West, a tan all the time means a member of the leisure class.


When you (people) say Asian, what do you mean?


Chinese/Japanese. The main powers.


Then what are other people in Asia?

Do you say President of Israel is brown?

Some people in Mongols are very white in my eyes.

Colors of typical Saudi Arabian and east Asian are very different.

Typical south Asian and north Asian also have different colors.


So,what do you mean when you say Asian?


There is a bias when it comes to stop and search/frisk, but not when it comes to shootings, as has been discussed earlier in the thread.


If you wouldn’t be stopped because you are black, shooting wouldn’t happen.

The study of bias is just on “high-risk" encounters in only Houston.

We don’t know the bias of other states and shooting following casual encounters like a routine stop and search.