Is Taiwan racist?


To add to this, a number of people who want to be cops have sociopathic inclinations anyway. Smalltime psychos who aren’t intelligent or charismatic enough to become CEOs and politicians and the like are attracted to jobs that give them some amount of ability to lord over a group who can do little or nothing to stop them, like…teaching… :thinking:



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The US also tends to recruit ex military for cops some of them have battlefield PTSD. Cops look different depending on the state but in CA the police definitely look big, buff, short hair and militarized.


Taiwanese people are not racist. Anybody that fits outside of the cookie cutter is ridiculed, Taiwanese or otherwise.


Ethno-centric then?


Xenophobic and discriminatory, I would say, as has been stated elsewhere.

“Taiwanese are better than/superior to others/Others are worse than/inferior to Taiwanese”
“Others are just bad/weird/lesser creatures”


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Unless, of course, the recipient eats shit like this, in which case they really are a dangerous mutant and should be discriminated against at every possible opportunity…


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Suppose Taiwan passes a similarly discriminatory law (or executive order). Can you imagine a spontaneous coalition of lawyers and activists protesting at airports and multiple cities/counties suing the central government and (sort of) winning?

Apples to Agent Orange. :2cents:


Please westeners, be real and see reality. In Europe it has become so that a bit of taiwanese nationalism would be good. Immigrants, including illegal immigrants, get money every month to reinsert themselves in society (about 1000 € and if with kids more for every child) while locals dont get peanuts and penalized if they stop paying taxes and social security. Not long ago a terrorist plotting a bombing was arrested while getting 1400€ a month. In the US they want to deport illegal immigrants and they want to make it more difficult for those coming from places where they cannot make sure if they are fanatics or not. They do well because they care about security, not like in Europe that just let one million male muslims in fighting age from war torn areas. We are so stupids there that half of the population want their borders totally opened. Now in Taiwan… look at this poor woman who gets deported along her baby for getting pregnant in Taiwan: or this philipino politician who was deported back to the Phillipines after runniing from Phillipine´s president mass killing after he made Law that you can kill anyone suspected of drugdealings without a trial, hearing or nothing: In this case this fugitive got his family slained on the street while being an opposition politician to the president. He should get political asylum, but well Taiwan doesn´t do that. Racism is in every corner of this chinese society (except for love between interracial couples) whether is in the job positions or other positions establish for the pure chinese breed (aborigenals not allowed), the corrupted media or police, or behind the chinese good face when in confrontations.


“Even in Europe the Asians integrate with each other regardless of if they’re Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese etc.”

You’ve just described L.A. in the 80s to 90s… when the Asian population was smaller we just grouped with other Asians regardless of race. This all changed around the early 2000’s, when so many different Asians had immigrated that we began to differentiate as nationalities, especially Korean people, they love doing that. Eventually entire cities within L.A. county would become majority Vietnamnese or Taiwanese/HK/Mainland Chinese or Korean or Filipino or Japanese and not mixed so much as Asian. Not saying its a good thing, it just happened.

Marriage between different Asian races in US is very common and much more acceptable than in Asia, but the kids still have to deal with the racism hurdle from parents before they marry.


I agree good for Europe good for US. Its not a racist thing, As a Taiwanese American I support deporting Illegal Immigrants I am impartial to race/nationality in this. They can be Taiwanese illegals to US I don’t care. Deport criminals first.

Why have immigration laws if we don’t enforce them? I think of course we should offer some generous work Visas for those who want to come and work which will allow them to pay tax and gain education/health benefits for their families. However as it is now Illegal Immigrants can get a Drivers License and get free public education from k-12 grade. Also subsidized health clinics, legal representation, sanctuary cities and even encouragement to Friggin VOTE from some Democrats. Also there are so many ways for illegals to hire a lawyer and gain Green Card status in US. I personally know of 2 people who did this. Meanwhile those who immigrate to the US through legal methods have to jump through so many hoops.

The mainstream media keeps playing the race card and also calling them “Undocumented Immigrants”… BS Illegal is Illegal. If we want more immigrants into the US FINE. There are long established methods of ammending laws to make it happen within a LEGAL/Documented framework.


On a whole, the government strives to be not racist, and the people feel they are not racist.

However, since racism isn’t a part of the national discourse and how to respect diversity and be tolerant are never taught at home or in school, Taiwan is actually pretty racist.

The society is pretty nonchalant about in your face racism. People would say the most racist crap and when called out on it, they would claim what they said is just the fact, or who gives a frak.

Of course, white people would experience some reverse racism, and get preferential treatment on some occasions. Though the negative side of racism would eventually show itself sooner or later.

Lately, younger generation of Taiwanese internet user started using the word 尼哥 to refer to black people, which is just a phonetic transliteration of the N word. When I report such usage to mods on PTT, they say it’s ok to say the N word because this isn’t America. Even-though the contexts of such usage are as ugly as the most appalling crap I’ve heard in the US.

Since then, using 尼哥 became fashionable. You see people using the term when discussing the NBA. You see people using it when an innocent man is shot dead in his own home.

Here, check out some of these crap:

In the thread discussing a black elite shot dead in his own apartment…

推 f1234518456: 尼哥就是尼哥 欠殺122.116.217.196 09/08 11:14
→ kickmeout: 非裔亞裔穿金戴銀,骨子裡還是尼哥香蕉 09/08 11:17
噓 KadourZiani: 尼哥有錢就是更該死啊。懂嗎 09/08 11:27
噓 gn1384181: 尼哥依該先檢討自己 為什麼大家看到尼 09/08 11:51
→ gn1384181: 哥第一反應都是尼哥非善類 09/08 11:51

In a thread discussing Black Panther

推 sunchen0201: 都是尼哥,不想看 02/16 13:30
推 lodpdp: 尼哥自慰片 自慰尼哥的智商能形成文明 02/16 15:clock1130
推 togmogo : 不會 不喜歡電影出現太多尼哥 12/24 13:45

In a thread about Trump tweeting about Lebron James:

推 enemyli : 不是一群智障尼哥先鬧事的嗎? 08/09 17:57
噓 gox1117 : 尼哥閉嘴 08/09 20:57
噓 urgrandpa : 尼哥又開大絕了 08/10 02:24
推 warlockeric : 尼哥真的很煩=…= 08/10 02:1234:

The fact that no Mod on one of the largest electronic discussion boards steps up and put an end to crap like this makes me feel ashamed.

Taiwan is racist. So deeply racists that they don’t see there’s anything wrong about being racist.


nailed it


Wow, that’s some pretty blatant stuff. This is why I tend to stay away from PTT and similar forums. It’s just too aggravating.