Is Taiwan racist?


PTT is kinda like Reddit and most forums.
The most vile things can come out when a person is behind the keyboard since you cant identify them behind the handle.

In person they will agree … oh that’s so racist


It’s just so depressing to know what they are really thinking. I guess we should be glad that most of what people think stays inside their brains (or only comes out in the YouTube comments section, etc.)


It kinda makes me happy to know that the average person is a brainlet dumbass.

THESE are the people I’m competing with in the world…


Thanks for putting a positive spin on being surrounded by idiots. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


No plrblem


The last time I was in the Sogo cosmetics department, these young ladies are handing out eye mask samples for a cosmetic line. They talk to everyone and try to offer except foreigners. Once they see my face, they turn away. I’ve gone as far to speak to them in Chinese to see if it was a language thing, but I’m convinced that it is not. I’ve seen the same behavior by the same cosmetics company reps at different locations. Do you think that the company owners train their reps to not engage foreigners? This is not nice but sometimes when I spot bad behavior like this, I take their photo just to see their reaction. haha. Maybe I’ll start a blog about this with the photos I’ve collected over the years with a “Guess what this is?” Even better, I can get explanations from the people in the photo as to why they are openly discriminating.


It’s funny, in Taiwan I get offended when the touts ignore me at stores and in the street…
In Hong Kong and Vietnam I want them to stop bugging me all the time.


In all fairness, they’re probably just scared shitless. At the risk of generalizing, I think it’s safe to say that the basic demographic for folks in those positions won’t generally include much, or any, prior interaction with foreigners. Add that to the general xenophobia ingrained into most kids here (especially working class kids), with a good measure of I Don’t Get Paid Enough for That Shit.
I generally find that anyone who’s handing shit out ignores foreigners, and I don’t really think it’s anything they intellectually parse, it’s just raw animal fear.
Except for the batshit Kweez Chans, of course, they’re generally on you like ugly on an ape.


Whereas here in HK there are so many foreigners you are just seen as another cash cow to milk.


I think we can find extremely rasist cases and forum posts for any countries.




For the love of all that’s holy, you got to stop going out in public with @Milker, my man!!


NachoPR, but does not Europe need that diversity? With generous social safety nets (including Spain which has a very high pension rate) and low birth rates, they need immigrants to fund their statist way of life. While I generally respect the Poujadism of the populist parties on a lot of issues, I disagree with them on immigration and pensions (they are anti-immigration but pro statist pension). You can`t be anti-immigrant and pro-generous pension. You need immigration to pay for the safety net because locals are not copulating and working to the level they should be.

I don`t think a lot of Europeans on the right or left that are regionalist-minded truly understand that. They certainly do not in the Basque and Occitan areas I live in.


I knew someone was going to make a milker joke there


One is glad to be of service.


That is why controlled legal smart immigration policies are needed.
Controlled=Knowing who just came and what is that person doing.
Legal=Making respect the Law from the beginning or otherwise you are calling for more breaking the Law.
Smart=They come to work, not to get free money, free housing and free time.
Immigration=Welcoming other races
Policies=To help the country not the careers of politicians.

Immigration Ethics (from Is Taiwan Racist?)

I do not disagree. But when the cultures are not used to immigration and not easily integrated, you don`t attract the best immigrants. The US attracts the best – look at the Persian diaspora in LA, the Jews in New York, the Arabs in Michigan. Textbook models in good integration.

Europe less so. It is because it does not have a culture of melting pot diversity and the governments on the Continent prefer assimilation to diversity. In some countries such as Spain, such assimilation and centralism are needed to deal with the pesky Separatists (Francoist centralism versus too much autonomy). But such centralism has downsides – often lack of labour market flexibility and open-ness to Anglo-Saxon liberalisations, which attract the best immigrants.


The problem in Spain is that they welcome illegal immigration and the way to deal with it is to make it legal. This is a wrong start that calls for more illegal immigrants and for these to see the weakness of the mark left by leftist in Spain that they use in their favor. They also get the message that better to use the system that contribute to it.
The US is not only a success to immigration as the whole country is made out of immigrants itself, but their current policies bring worker who work. Spain is a joke. The vast majority of migrants are on welfare, on crime rigs or worse.


Not sure if Europe is truly anti immigrantation. It’s just a nice way to say they don’t want people from certain countries and practices that certain religion. And I don’t blame them. I think the process of marrying into an EU citizenship isn’t that hard and money will buy you residency.


The problem with using immigration to fix economic growth is that a country can’t grow population wise indefinitely. It seems our economies can only grow as more and more taxpayers are born or come.