Is Taiwan racist?


It is not, trust me, they just let in one million male Muslims from war torn areas. They are not, but these stupid decisions are making people more and more anti immigrations for a good reason. Still, the majority still think that we should welcome illegal immigration and open our doors to those fleeing jihadist infested areas.


I used think they were mostly victims of their circumstances. But then they go and create their own pockets of jihadist infestated area in Europe with their own backwards laws and high crime rates. Maybe the problem is them and their culture? And they are mostly if not solely responsible for their circumstances.


Have no doubt about it.


On one side we have Asian countries with such low birth rates and xenophobic policies towards immigration such as Japan. On the other extreme is Europe, which accepts boatload of migrants thanks to Merkel even though the homogenous cultures and traditional people are often against it. Low birthrates and high immigration.

My preference here is the middle way of North America. Sustainable birth rates and reasonable immigration. The Europeans lecture Trump and the US about illegal immigration, but are in no position to be lecturing given the ghetto conditions and lack of economic opportunity available to most immigrants in European countries. The labour markets need to be flexible enough to give these newcomers opportunity instead of just handouts. It is not and when reforms are pushed, the masses complain about Anglo-Saxon liberalizations.


Im going to add one thing. As a traveling immigrant for most of my life I have seen immigration in and out on many different places. Immigration sets well in all cases except when bringing criminals, jihadists, hardcore muslims and to a degree most muslims as muslim culture is not a tolerant one as it can be seen back at home in all muslim countries.
I would welcome immigration from places where I can accept background checks, reduce to a minimum that for muslims and kick everyone who commits a serious crime. Solve the problem back at home. Now to help those in war areas, I would help them there in their countries, increasing substantially current helps, but I would do it smartly, not just handing out money.


The issue i see with Muslims is that they still believe they are in the golden age of Islam and Muslim culture is superior and Islam is the final and only religion that others must accept. They can’t accept the fact the Muslim world hasn’t contributed to the world in any way in maybe 2 centuries and the tide had shifted to the west being on top. Even the east has taken knowledge and culture from the west to advance like japan, Korea, Taiwan. The Muslim world for some reason rejects the west and all the benefits of it.

And You go to Europe, and I didn’t see a single Asian beggar. Asians, Indians etc all work and even own their own small businesses. Some have even expended their small business and are doing very well.

I just moved to a Muslim country…and some of the things I see really are uncomfortable to put it nicely. And all the development is done by the Chinese and Singaporeans.


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Well in Europe we have a serious problem with Chinese illegally pulling out piles of cash back to China and not paying taxes. We have also to a lesser degree Taiwanese pulling out phone scams.
But well, at least they don´t go out killing people.


Yes, this is true, but am I off base when I say the amount of assets PRC nationals try to move out of the country going into Europe probably offsets any of that? And I believe the Taiwanese phone scams aren’t usually people that want to live there?

Not to say any of it is ok.

But hey, Europeans themselves avoid taxes like crazy lol. I think my girl says they take like over 50% in Italy so no one wants to accurately report.


It could be, but I see one problem. Somehow, so many millions illegally being sent to China and china´s outspread policies of copyright infringement gives me no doubt that it is state sponsored, which worries me about bringing people from there. Also, those Taiwanese who are sent back home avoid prosecution, so making them pay where they break the Law is necessary, which s not happening.


Thats one thing Canada did right.
Refugees could come but they gave major priority to families with kids… those made the best immigrants, the second generation would be basically Canadians and less chance of radicalism.

Where we do poorly is having a very ineffective mechanism to deport people who can appeal to infinity and either get a sympathetic judge or they pop out some anchor babies and say you can’t sent me back on humanitarian grounds because my kid is a citizen.


Welcome to Vancouver circa 1995. Except it was Taiwanese.


Kweez Chans?

What’s that, and is that racist?


Just to prove Nachos point,


Within Muslim countries and their legal system there are also extreme discrimination against Non Muslims against their own citizens, Chinese Malaysians in Malaysia being one example.


I was told in Malaysia and in many other Muslim countries, Muslims can’t denounce their faith or convert to another legally. And marriage to a Muslim requires the other partner to convert to Islam.


Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, with a predominately Muslim population. Accusations of racism stem from racial preferences embodied within the social and economic policy of the Malaysian government, as well as broader tensions between various ethnic groups. Discrimination is widespread, publicly displayed and accepted. Ranging from implied ethnic superiority to religious intolerance. Charging non Malays more for services is very common.”

I have 3 Chinese Malaysian friends in Malaysia, this stuff above is true and discrimination of Chinese and Indians or non Muslims gets a lot worse than this. Discrimination is written into their laws for non Muslims


When I went to Sabah, I got an earful from a couple of Chinese people about it.


Yea I also got the same from a Sabah Tribal Native who was our tour guide. He said his people used to own the land until the Muslim Malays kicked them out after the British left. Theyre now second class citizens along with the Chinese and Indians.


I think you spelled it wrong