Is Taiwan racist?


Every country has places like this though where you won’t be welcome if you’re not part of a particular in-group.


True, but the main difference is discrimination is not written into the laws in most countries.


Hmmm maybe the reply follow wasn’t that clear there. Responding to the France video


Gotcha, I was responding to something else about Malaysia


I love this place


I hope you ain’t a Chinese Malysier, I hear they don’t like them there


Weird as most of the development in my area are from ethnically Chinese people, Malay, Singaporeans or mainland China.

But from what I understand Malaysia has been moving more and more religiously strict recently.


Islamophobia is healthy. It preserves lives.


If I may, religions of all sorts have started upheaval and wars before. The Crusades were a Christian initiative. Religious conflict did not start with Islam. And the current conflict between ‘western civilisation’ and Islam likely has origins in some colonial misadventures, whose origins quite likely lie in western countries. If I recall correctly, the religious angle was only brought into play as a way of uniting people to an anti-western cause. A case of chickens coming home to roost perhaps? Majority of muslims acknowledge there are hardliners and fanatics (each religion has its zealots). Perhaps this is better off in a thread of its own?

On the subject of immigration, its an economic reality that industries wax and wane, people have always migrated according to seasons, economic cycles and climate changes. Laws put in place to create national borders as if those economic realities do not exist. What is then deemed legal is simply a reflection of the interests of those with the power to legislate and enforce. As such, laws have no moral force of right and wrong, only reflect might.

The truth is most countries that get migrants need the skills and value brought by those migrants. Distasteful as the reality might be to nationalists. Migrants typically bring more than they take out (paying more taxes and having lower access to public services, even in countries where some savvy migrants scam the system). They plug in critical skills shortages, even the so-called ‘lowskilled’, which improves the quality of life for those who see themselves as autochtons (eg household help brought to take care of the elderly, miners, factory and farm workers).

The interesting thing about human beings is at some deep-seated sober level, we all recognise each other’s humanity. The only way we can exploit each other and still retain our sanity, is by going partially mad: we have to assume the cognitive dissonance that makes us realise the value other people can contribute, and then straight away go to great lengths to create the fiction of the ‘other’, who is a subhuman and only fit to serve our whims and fancies. This is where all those linguistic gymanstics come into play. Words give effect to our comfort, and assuage our conscience: but that one is really different.


On the idea of migrants being unwelcome because ‘they change the character of the society’, I would characterise that as the backwash you get from globalisation. Many expect it to be a one way street, where western civilising forces change less developed countries: yay! Vaccines, electricity, manufacturing, paved roads, fork and knives, books, English / French, methodologies. Well, there is a feedback. That feedback mechanism has underpinned development of knowledge, writing and science. The changing character in both directions is necessary and inevitable. The chinese lost the plot ages ago after Zheng He when the emperor decided to close off their society to outside influence. That move retarded the country’s development for ages. Its loss was Europe’s gain.


Christians had their crusades, but not anymore, so they are not a danger in regards this area and they are currently at a much lower danger level than Muslims. Muslims on the other hand had always been dangerous because their core of religion is deadly violent. Is today´s moderate Muslims who have deviated greatly from the original Muslims, who spreaded quickly due to its violent approach. The Koran explains the Life of the Prohet Mahoma (if he would have been killed just right after birth the world would be a much better place) and his trips to Medina and the Meca. In the Meca he talked about peace, but in Medina he talked about violence as a way to convert infidels. Aside of this in practical world today you can see what happens around the world in Muslim communities, they either hate each other (Shias and Sunies) or hate Jews, Christians, Wetern World, etc… They are just haters by Nature.
As for what you say about migrants paying more taxes and getting more services, this might well be true in Taiwan and other racist nationalist countries like much of Asia and of course Muslim countries, but not in western countries. There the rich pays more and uses less and the migrants get free salaries, free housing, free doctors free food and simply dont pay taxes.


Don’t do it man…typical defensive post from you.
PTT is the biggest online forum in Taiwan .


I don’t know why that is defensive. I’m not saying taiwanese are not racist. Westerners are not as non-rasist as some of you are claiming.

I don’t know this is a westerners’ forum, though here is an example.


It’s called niggermania , it’s not the equivalent of Reddit FFS.


Yeah, so that kind of forums or subforums or threads are everywhere.


Where’s a place where blacks are treated better / doing better than the western world?


There’s a pretty significant irony that I think you’re both missing there.

Btw how’s Singapore these days? :rainbow:

The USA is one of just 11 countries that still have personal income tax rates of (theoretically) over 50%, if the Wiki is right. (It varies by state, so you may not have noticed while living in tax-free Texas.) Italy’s highest rate, 47%, is a whopping 2% higher than Taiwan’s.

Try this on your friends, or better yet on your students. Results may vary by country/region.


First crusades began 1000 years ago. The entire world was a very different place with different morales. Can’t compare 21st Century with that time. Colonia “misadventures” effected Asia as well including Taiwan, Japan, China. Where is the Taiwanese Buddhist/Confucius version of ISIS immigrating to the West seeking revenge running people over with cars and detonating suicide vests? Sounds almost like youre arguing the Western World started the Crusades then they had Colonialism, now lets like the Hardline Muslims screw, torture, terrorize, rape a while its their turn, or at least lets overlook and forgive it because the West did it.


I don’t get your point about Singapore. Its not a Muslim country influenced by Sharia law. Singapore has 4 main nationalities that live we’ll together the largest nationality being Chinese as 74% of the population. They have a minority Muslim population. Malaysia is very different from Singapore in government, demographic breakdown and how religion/Sharia effects its national laws. Sharia does not effect Singapore law. Unlike Malaysia, Singapore law does not give preferential treatment to Chinese or Malay or Indians but fosters a sense of brotherhood


Its not a Muslim country

Exactly. And how are things there? Any discrimination to speak of?