Is Taiwan racist?


The main point is discrimination shouldnt be written into the laws. Not arguing discrimination doesnt exist among citizenry. But if The State sponsors it and makes minorities of a different race/religion a second class citizen with fewer rights thats messed up


They have the same rights, in a basic sense, but that doesn’t necessarily match the western concept of freedom from discrimination.

From Wikiland:

Schools and Housing Development Board housing estates enforce ethnic quotas based on the race populations to prevent racial enclaves.

Sorry, you can’t live here. There are too many blue people here already. But you can go and live in that green neighborhood over there. :rainbow:

I met a Malaysian Tamil who said he had to go abroad to get a decent education because the quota system was stacked against him. I’ve never asked Singaporean Tamils how they feel about their country’s equivalent system.


Funnily enough the lady that set up the Sababa chain is Malaysian Chinese. :sunglasses:


Of course she is, Mrs T from…Red something?
Was that the name of their band?
I totally forgot that.
You’re killin me here. :+1:


Race is just a black?

Btw, I don’t think there have happened as many racial murders in Taiwan as in Europe. If the western societies, systems, and people are such non-racist, why that much racial crimes have happened?


It has also been claimed that Malaysia is more democratic than Singapore, but that’s complicated…


Are we talking about all of human history in each region, per capita?


Is Taiwan racist?

Yes, as other places are.
From my experiences, Taiwan is more ignorant to racism, but less racist than US.


In this specific case democratic= more corrupt. But yes, Singapore isn’t a full on Democratic Republic., but hey I’d prefer that any day over a “democratic” government that votes to create religious and racial discrimination in its laws and makes minorities second class citizens in their own country because they aren’t Muslim


You seem like a nice guy.
I don’t want to get into it with you.
You’ll have your eyes opened up one day.

Do you think blacks and SEA are treated better in Taiwan or the west? It’s just as easy for them to get ahead in a Taiwan as it is in the west?


Classic. :smile:

but hey I’d prefer that any day over a “democratic” government that votes to create religious and racial discrimination in its laws and makes minorities second class citizens in their own country because they aren’t Muslim

You’re still missing that irony.



Ex-husband was Israeli which was awkward because it meant he could never visit Malaysia and she could never visit Israel.

Sababa, Toasteria, Orange Cafe. Maybe some others too.


What am I missing? Maybe its over my head? Not all Democratic societies benefit its citizens sometimes it benefits the few in power more than anyone else. Singapore has one of the worlds lowest corruption rates in Government and Malaysia has one of the highest


Neon, that’s right.
Yeah, I know him,
Met his mother once when she was visiting.


The irony isn’t about Singapore.


I really wanted to visit the Maldives, then I started reading about the warnings on travel blogs and what other tourists said.

  1. Its a strict Muslim country with a Govt practicing Sharia Law.
  2. Alcohol forbidden (Outside of 500 per night Luxury Resorts)
  3. Luxury Resorts start at $250-2000 USD + extra 100 per person on a boat to get there
  4. Beer costs $8-$12 and can ONLY be had in the expensive resorts
  5. No bikinis outside of Luxury Resorts
  6. Sharia Law enforces Closure of stores on Friday and is strictly enforced.
  7. Women need to cover up in full black Hijab
  8. Children starting at 7 can be convicted of the Death Penalty.
  9. Islamic Extremism on the rise in Maldives, hence adoption of Sharia Law
  10. LGBT now allowed
  11. Flogging part of penal code
  12. Country run by half brother of deceased Dictator

Yea I decided not to go.


Yeah there’s loads of places where you don’t need to deal with that bullshit.


Yeah, places like Malaysia! :smile:

Actually I am not a cheerleader for Malaysia – I prefer Singapore! – I just wanted to set the record more-or-less straight.

(Oh, and to be fair, a few of those points do apply to Malaysia… and to Singapore. So don’t be too hard on the Maldives, eh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


One of them is Taiwan. : D



Yep one of the reasons I live here, nobody gets in your face about how to live.

If Muslims want to live like they are in the 14th century they are welcome to in their own backwards shitholes…Of which there are far too many to list here.