Is Taiwan racist?


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Good point though with all the cameraphones these days there’s always somebody out to get ya when you try and light a 7-11 on fire after they refuse you ketchup…


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But I thought you were married???


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Far from saying its ok, I was explaining that religions of various inclinations have been used to rationalise going to war. Crusades were the religious cover and rationalisation for a searing economic conflict between europe and the middle east.


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i only here a month but find taiwan has friendly people, easy government, good economy, and nice weather. some of the back areas are messed but not as bad as philippines. i have sensed no discrimination because i am filipina living with taiwanese man




do you mean tagolog language?


Yes . I truly think you have not been here long enough to see the way most Taiwanese people look down on some races here. Taiwanese are very kind and generous in many ways. Sadly they do not see some others as equal. Your boyfriend would know and understand. I hope you never experience it and Taiwan learns , but that is an unfortunate reality now.
Salamat Po.


you are probably correct since only three months in taiwan. i will see him say on subject when he is with me and good mood


I originally thought Taiwan was discriminatory to Southeast Asians but then I went to Hong Kong last week. Whooyiii… the service people at restaurants and shops treated them like dirt, way worse than Taiwan. Their face got all angry looking, they refused to serve them sometimes, and when they did items were thrown across the table to them.
In thought Hong Kong being an international city would be more enlightened than Taiwan but it’s much much worse.

Taiwan treats the workers bad behind the scenes but in public I don’t see the same level of disdain.


Nice weather …emmmm…ummmm