Is Taiwan still the land of opportunities?


I wonder how Taiwan is coping now with its economy.

Many companies have been bankrupt and employees got ovelayed.

And it feels like they are closing all opportunities from the entire world :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


There are always opportunities. But, the answer has been no for a couple of decades.


Real opportunities for foreigners disappeared two decades ago. For locals salaries are stagnant for two decades and not much silicon valley-like around.

A lot of Taiwanese go to China for opportunities.



Actually few companies have gone bankrupt and there are tonnes of (low paid) jobs.


No. The golden age of Taiwan economically was 1980s & 1990s pre Asian financial crises.


It beats the east coast of Canada.


so sad… i am still studying during those years.



I mean there are opportunities here I suppose


if you’re an entrepreneurial kind of guy, then taiwan’s not your place. you better move on to southeast asia, like vietnam or the philippines. those places still has some kind of wild east feeling to it.

that’s not to say that you can’t make money in taiwan. in fact, there’s a whole big pile of money sitting here. but just like in all industrialized countries, it has the tendency to crawl towards the big money rather than distributing evenly.


Over the last twenty years the people who made piles of money mostly already had piles of money. Property game.


The trade war should create some opportunities here tbh. Especially after cny


The economy has grown steadily for years and years but the money doesn’t trickle down.


Case in point.
Took a taxi from Xindian to Songshan today. Took about half an hour and even had another stop on the way.
Just 400 NTD. A little over 11 Euro.
It’s just too hard to make a living and the currency is ALWAYS being kept down.
Taipei is possibly the cheapest place for our company to hold Asian meetings now…

Now that could be an opportunity too…


isn’t that a fact for almost all industrialized countries? owners and stakeholders cash in while employees suffer from stagnant salaries. in taiwan, this trend is so evident because this economy/nation grew in about 2-3 decades from a agriculture to a industrialized society . western countries had more than a century, with all the strikes and protests to improve labor rights. taiwan’s labor rights are just…smh…they never had the time or wish to adjust anything. but when you look to the east(japan, south korea), it doesn’t look much better there. everyone expects you to work to death regardless how much you make. 過勞死 much honor in that.


Not like Taiwan I believe, I looked at tHe stats before they were unusual. I’m just referring to static wage growth .
Labour conditions are also terrible in East Asia, the biggest problem being that people work far too much !


Still? Is there a parallel universe in which Taiwan used to be a land of opportunities?


A few people got very rich. There must have been something going on.


Some people are very rich in Russia and some other poor ass countries too. Have they ever been lands of opportunities?


Yes, they have.


Yeah right :roll: