Is that not exactly 911 days since September 11?

I just did the rough math on the Madrid bombings and I get 911.

Anybody else tried.

I think saw some subtitle on some news there that said something like that, or was it calling it “Europe’s 911” ?
You can double check with some date calculators here:

Maybe you can check the time of the bombs too.

[quote=“Fox”]I just did the rough math on the Madrid bombings and I get 911.

Anybody else tried.[/quote]

I didn’t do the math, but several reports have indicated the same.

Well, apparently they calculated wrong. Wasn’t the date of the Madrid bombs 3/12/04? According to BFM’s handy calculator, from 9/11/01 to 3/12/04 is 913 days. Another urban legend shot down.

Edit: I guess the bombs were on Thursday, 3/11. It still works out to 912, not 911. Almost a coincidence but not quite.

I figured it out. Even with the time difference, it’s 912 days.

i believe the bombs went off 3/11? which is still 912 days. maybe the terrorists forgot that this is leap year.

i don’t believe it works even with the time difference. it was already 3/11 in nyc when the bombs in madrid went off.

According the the note claiming responability, It was 2 1/2 years. It was 2 calendar years and 6 calendar months (Sept 11-March 11)

So what? terrorism didn’t begin with “911”. It’s just a plot to get the world to change the order of writing dates. Also this attack in Madrid was not the worst oin Spains history. What about Guernica?

There is a body of opinion that terrorism began with “911”; it didn’t. It began long long before. except that it was by and large dealt with. The American approach has merely unleashed more hatred. Even if al Qaeda did the bombing in Spain, many in the civilised world blame America. And so they should. America’s approach is not working. But American arrogance and sense of superiority is such that it will never be able to recognise this. This non-recognition comes from immaturity. America needs to grow up.

Ahem… you may have to clarify which “American approach” you are on about. After all, according to your logic, 911 must have been the outcome of the American approach, as much as the Madrd bombings… so, are you talking about pre-Bush? What about the first WTC attempt; the Hostage sagas…etc Where do they fit in?

Our mistake has been precisely the opposite. Under Carter and Clinton, the US could not possibly have been more accommodating, more understanding of Arab and Muslim rage, blah blah blah. Does anyone else find it totally bizarre that Russia slaughters hundreds of thousands of innocent Muslims and the Muslim world is aggrieved? outraged? or disinterested? I think the latter, but an American ally Israel kills a few thousand in Palestine in retaliation for around 1,000 Jews killed by Palestinians and we are DIRECTLY responsible? We have been too willing to be abject, too willing to listen, too eager to show our good side. Reminds me of the time Muslim terrorists in Lebanon made the mistake of kidnapping a Russian. The Russian secret service went out and grabbed a few of the terror group’s relatives, hacked of their ears and mailed it to them. The Russian was released and nary a worry about kidnappings of Russians ever again. Not saying that would work in all cases, but I don’t hear about Russia and its manifold crimes against Muslims, does anyone else?

That’s because Russia is too big and there could be powerful military factors at play within Russia and America wouldn’t dare offend Poot’n, Goergie Boy’s little buddy.

Indonesian Muslim paramilitaries (the Laskar Jihad) armed, trained and aided by the Indonesian military (TNI) murdered close to 10,000 Christians in Maluku (the Moluccan islands) starting in 1999. Right now they are killing more in Sulawesi (a Christian village was attacked just 4 days ago…women hacked down with machetes). But I hear no complaints except about the evil Zionists oppressing the poor Palestinians. :unamused: … lands.html … 955918.stm … epf208.htm

Apparently you have missed reports of Chechnya. Among others, the video of the (live, tied-up) Russian soldiers being decapitated with a bayonet.

So is anyone suggesting that the almost perfect 911 days is pure coincidence?

The Bali bombing was on October 12 10/12. One month one day difference. Al-Qaeda likes numbers.

Madrid and WTC were 912 days apart, but there was 911 days between them.