Is the 183 days a total number or 183 days that you have not left the country?[/b]

PLease help me. My boss has told me tonight that I have to pay a flat rate of 20% because I have gone on holiday in February for a month and also in July for a week but the number of days which I have been in Taiwan is more than 183. They say because I have gone on holiday during the first 183 I have to pay 20%. It is calculated days being in Taiwan over a year period or is it a continuous period of 183 days that you have to be in Taiwan. I understand that it is a total of 183 in a year. Please clarify this matter for me. Thanks for the help.

I’m pretty sure it’s total, but don’t worry about it. Just make sure you get your tax slip every month and they’re really paying your 20% to the tax department, and then when you do your tax return, you’ll get back all that you’re entitled to.