Is the 3rd world driving everything?/death of the west

i’m not ranting today. i was noticing how it used to be that certain songs that sold well outside the US were never heard there.those songs at one time just weren’t our style, weren’t sophisticated enough.
but not now. it seems to me the glitzy, nuevo rich, “i got money before i got taste” preferences of the emerging 3rd world are driving the whole record industry.
though i’m not a “Pat Buchanan-ite” i’m wondering if his book “the death of the West” holds any water here.

It’s official…you’re an idiot.

Rantheman -
Are you taking some Canadian citizenship test?

I hear that there are good counseling programs available in English, Chinese and other languages for foreign residents living in Taiwan. Whether the problem is drug abuse, alcoholism or mental illness, there IS a solution.

Nice to see the above incisive, thoughful, positive replies that Forumosa is famous for.
Hard to believe you guys are all stuck teaching English here; a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Rantheman, can you post some evidence for your opinion?
My two cents: the USA is becoming a 3rd world country. Call it… convergence.

One world is enough for me and Sting.

porcelain, where’s your manners? whaddid i do to deserve such disrespect?whattsamatta with youse?

canadians: sorry to…whatever the fuck i did.
thanks shenme.

well, evidence i ain’t got. it’s just a general feeling. okay here’s one: i never heard of richard claderman til i started hanging around foreign students in the US. i personally think he’s the kenny g of piano if you know what i mean, but he (was) like the biggest thing in every country but mine.
look the 3rd world ain’t so sophisticated when it comes to music. could they understand what jackson browne is saying? no. different culture. but he sure the hell speaks to me. should jackson browne be marketed to shing jiang province? of course not. should artists like jackson browne not even get records put out because the market is so global and therfore the majority(3rd world with their underdevloped, glitzy tastes) wins? of course not.
i think a big problem, and recent copycat TV shows bear me out, is copying the japanese model. it works for japan lets try it on america. american music used to be rugged and thoughtful. now it’s …sorry to use the expression “pussy to the max.”
i saw a TV show where they said THE biggest idol in shing jiang province is tsai i ling!
pu the numbers together: global marketing to masses of people who have never had a toilet til recently (they’re in the billions) compared to the likes of america, the bastion of modern music (they’re only 300, million) who wins?
i think the death of all things western,ie the death of the cultural ideas of those of european descent is a dangerous thing in a pagan majority world. there i said. don’t like it, stuff it in your calzone!