Is the Pchome 24hr Delivery back to normal?

Hey everyone,

This is my first time ordering from Pchome. I ordered a monitor yesterday at around 03:49 PM and the only shipping option that I could choose is the Home Delivery (maybe it is because the monitor is considered a big item, thus convenience store pickup is not available for me). Anyway, I picked the Cash on Delivery option as this is my first time ordering (probably a dumb move I guess)

The website received and processed my order and by 05:57 PM yesterday, they said that they have dispatched my order for shipping and the expected arrival time is 03:49 PM today, I got a Black Cat tracking number so I was thinking that everything should go well. However, up until now, the tracking number is still not recognized by the Black Cat delivery website (I use the direct link from the Pchome’s delivery status website which will immediately send me to Black Cat’s website with my tracking number immediately filled in for checking). The website stated that it is either that I put in a wrong tracking number or the data is still being processed.

Right now, I am stuck at home waiting for my order to arrive but with no clarity whatsoever to when my items will arrive. Is the 24hr delivery back to normal? in which case I would need to wait until 03:49 PM today. My home doesn’t have a security guard or people that I could ask to process my order. I would like to hear you guys’ opinion.

Thanks in advance

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