Is the UN passing names of Uighur dissidents to China?

“Infiltration” of the UN?

China is the UN, FFS. The permanent members of the SC each have their own agenda and almost certainly use the organisation to further those agendas, although perhaps in more subtle ways than China might consider acceptable.

Seems to me the central problem with the UN is that it even includes countries that are known to be highly corrupt (ie., about half the planet). This is guaranteed to undermine its function. Membership should be subject to some minimal standard of governance, otherwise the whole thing is pointless.

Ms Reilly added: “The UN is seen as the last great hope that principles matter and human rights actually exist.”

LOL. Excuse my cynicism, but human rights do not and never have existed. It’s high time we had a more realistic organisation that focused on the responsibilities of people towards each other, and governments towards their citizens. The UN is instrumental in holding up the concept of “sovereignty”, which is the core principle that allows shite governments to do whatever they like to/with their people.