Is the word 'black' being used exclusively negatively, with racial connotations?

Black List is one example of a racist phrase. Please think before you use those and such similar racist vocabulary. Words form how we think if there are alternate non racist words why not use them? “warning list” “bad list”? Why reinforce racism due to laziness

Why reinforce racism at all ?

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So the Taiwanese should no longer wear white for mourning, because it’s racist?

Why you have to say “black” list for something bad why not “bad” list. Another example of instititional.racialism

What the hell is instititional racialism?
You are either stuttering, fingers slipped on the keypad or you somehow think instititional breasts (whatever those are) are racial. Huh?

Seriously though…the word black does not need to be licensed out. Last time I checked, it has been used to describe millions of things that are dark, frightening, etc. etc.

Let it go. Be at peace.

Another example of ridiculousness. It does not, and never has, implied a discrimination against a “Race”. I am sure when Charles the second used it to refer to his list of people whom conspired to kill his Father , the last thing on his mind was the colour of their skin.
My opinion is that you actually promote the very thing you complain about and actually create more division …on the other hand if that is your aim , I apologise, it will work with some people.


It’s a legitimate question, but I don’t think this thread is the place for it. If you really want to discuss it, why not start a new thread? :slight_smile:

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yes , you may be right . There is an article that appears to portray similar points of view by Brittney Cooper …maybe it would fit in there ? Or maybe a new one ? Maybe we can check thread titles about blackouts,blackmailing,blackberries, blacksmiths,blackjack,blackbirds and blackheads, just to make sure ? Legitimate question ?

I say question, and you hear answer? :thinking: :yin_yang:

I hear “legitimate”:wink:

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Should adoga be pronounced shiadoa? is a legitimate question. That doesn’t necessarily mean either word is a legitimate appellation for foreigners, other than those who drive fast cars. :racing_car:

Goodness , if I didn’t know better , that would appear to be an ad hominem strategy ? Maybe I am offending myself ? Anyway …this is not the place, as you say , start a new thread

Sure. Let me tell the world to change that. Can we “bad list” you for idiocy in the meantime?


I suppose that would be ad hominem ipsum. :wink:

Dolorem Ipsum is arguing with @yyy :grin: ( a little Deus ex machina for me ) if only I could divert your energies to help me find a new Mercedes G63 Brabus tonight :kissing_heart:

black birds, blacksmiths etc do not point at anything wrong or bad. But black list does. Your answer just not all that smart. I guess you are a white.

Hehe , You can certainly darken the mood …wait no …perhaps we need a list of every word that pertains to badness and colour. We need to ban the word whiteout too. You could have single -handedly prevented the Famine in Ireland with the size of the chip on your shoulder.Please start a new thread with any rational or irrational thoughts … the content is up to you .

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Blackface is negative. Should I use ‘badface’ instead?

Why not?

You are quickly becoming the Black Sheep.