Is there a direct bus from Bitou Cape to Jiufen?

I want to go out and explore during the 10/10 long weekend (I’ve been in Taiwn for only 6 months). My plan is to start early in the morning and take the bus from Keelung to Bitou and spend the morning hiking around the Cape. I was hoping to then spend the afternoon/early evening in the Jiufen area.

Does anyone know if there’s a direct bus from Bitou Cape to Jiufen, or must I transfer somewhere? I tried to find the information online, but haven’t been able to. Looking at Google Maps, it seems like I might have to transfer from Hwy 2 to 102 towards Jiufen, but I really don’t know.

Thanks for any information you can provide.


I wouldn’t imagine there would be a direct regular bus from Bitou Cape to Jiufen. They are both small centers. I don’t even know if there would be a bus from the 2 to Jiufen. From Keelung or Reifang, no prob though. However, you can hike up Teapot Mountain from just south of Jinguashih, and the trail leads on to Jiufen (about 3 hours), if you have the time. Or walk the road link at Jinguashih to Jiufen (1 hour). You might get lucky with a bus. BTW, if you know a bit of Chinese, you could even hitchhike the road leading from the 2 to Jiufen.

Yeah, Bitou’s actually pretty close to Jiufen, but you’ll have to go all the way back to Jilong and back again so end up going about four times as far. Have you considered hitching? You’d just head west a little to where the sea turns yellow from the old copper factories, then up that road past Jinguashi to Jiufen. Pretty quick. Or get a taxi for maybe 300NT or so. Oh, and seeing as you’re going in the weekend, taking the bus up the main road from Ruifang will be painfully slow. I’ve driven up that road, literally at walking pace in the weekend. Hitching or taxiing up the back road is the only sane option.