Is there a list ranking top language centers?

I’m going to Taiwan on august, but since I have a scholarship and we are on an schedule, I have to decide and inform which language center I will apply by monday to the embassy. I always search information of each university and also I go by the reviews, and the top lists, that kind of stuff, but I couldn’t find any top list of mandarin language center or anything like.
So, if anyone could give me an opinion would be great.

I only have one year to learn college level of chinese, I already have some basic knowlledge, I want to go to NTU after, so I was thinking something outside Taipei first, to interact a little more with natives so I can avoid trying to communicate all the time in english. By the way, english is not my first language either. (u might notice) :eh:

One of the language center I am considering is the Sun Yat-sen CLC. But I don’t like hot weathers, and from what I heard it’s obnoxious hot on the south, Kaohsiung, although I have to get used to, it’s only a few months a year. Right?

What do you think about Fo Guang U Language center, in Yilan…?


You’ll find some information in the Studying Mandarin Chinese in School section of the Directory of popular Learning Chinese forum topics in this Learning Chinese section, including a list of approved language centers here:
[New official list of approved language schools from MOE
Is that the kind of info you wanted? If so, we’ll merge your thread with that one and you can continue asking follow-up questions there.

Better go to an approved language center

I was thinking more like a ranking, I was hoping to find an institution in charge to analyze where there is more student satisfaction, faster learning, best facilities. Anyway, I’m already applying to NSYU so I might just try it. :slight_smile: and thank u for your answer

I’ve never heard of an official ranking system for the language centers