Is there a park-and-ride system in Taipei?

I have to go to Taipei soon and I’m wondering if there’s such a system in the city. Alternatively, where is a good place to park a car? Any recommendations?

To be honest? Quite a few parking garages are quite cheap, especially in New Taipei. Pick one near an MRT and then you can go crazy. Prices are low but you don’t wanna spend too much time in congested traffic running around looking for them.

Search 立體停車場 on Google Maps and pick one you like.


There are lots of carparks in Taipei usually around 30-60NT an hour. However, of late I’ve been struggling to find a space in Xinyi and Daan because two big carparks are being turned into something else. It’s terribly vexing.

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You could park near the high-speed rail or TRA and take the train into Taipei.

The cheapest for all-day parking is about 160 but up to 250 is reasonable.
So bounce that against 40 to 60 per hour inside a parking lot which max is it usually 3 hours and then you just pay for a full day doesn’t go any further.

Don’t park street side cuz you pay for every hour all day.

The underground parking lot on the south side of the Taipei main station is one of the cheaper ones and I parked there sometimes. When leaving Taipei.

As other say just look for a parking garage or lot that has a reasonable maximum per day price.

Parking sucks in Taipei I sometimes don’t drive for weeks at a time and just take Mass public transportation

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Where in Taipei do you want to go? It’s a big city, lot of options. If the final destination is near an MRT station, I’d park somewhere like Yongning Station. It’s one minute from Freeway 3, and there’s a large parking lot by the RT-Mart. From there you can take the Blue Line to Taipei Main Station, which connects you to everything else. Taipei City can be a pain in the arse when it comes to driving, especially turning left on the big roads is always problematic.

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Some Apps that could be useful


I hear good things about USpace. Easy to use app and cheaper rates.

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I need to go to the 101.

In that case I would take Freeway No. 3 to the Xinyi Exit and park right across the tower here:


Worked perfectly. We got a place directly at the 101 for 180 ntd/day.

Thank you Hannes and everyone else for the recommendations!


Public carpark under Civic Boulevard is 30 NT$/h.


You have to drive a long way to find a space, but there always is one. Allow for considerable walk time to get to destination.