Is there a suicide hotline number or live chat in tw?

I searched but I could only find results from 8 years ago.

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What I found is this, but not sure if English is available:


Edit: turns out I can’t read never mind this comment lol

Thanks for the info :+1:

Also, there are international resources, like for example chats:


I was reading that Taiwan’s suicide hotline misses a lot of calls from a report. Very sad.

If it’s for you, I hope you find comfort or healing. It sounds like you already know that suicide is not a good solution. If it’s for a family member or friend, hope you’re able to help them. Good luck!


I hope you’re only thinking about starting a non-profit to prevent such things.

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Oh yea I was on FB and saw a group they have in Japan which offers it. It’s called TELL and it just got me thinking that I hadn’t seen anything like that here. Just curious, no worries!