Is there a Ukranian in the house?

Are you Ukranian? I’m just curious how many friends from the Ukraine we have online. :slight_smile:

According to one knowledgable Forumosan, Ukranians do not like it when Ukrainia is refered to as “the” Ukraine.

I think the guy and girl who play music and sing at Salt & Bread are Ukrainian…

My last name ends in “ski” which I heard is Ukranian…and the "sky"s are Polish?

Ukrainian women are the most beautiful on earth if you ask me. My first love was Ukranian and a few times since then I’ve seen amazingly gorgeous women who and I’ve asked if they were Ukranian and they were. I gotta visit there one day.

My name is Mark Selikoff. I am a third generation American, half Ukranian and half German.

I’m not Ukranian, but I lived there for a month in a remote village on top of a mountain studying the gypsies in 1998. A few classmates and I lived in a house with Pan Vasyl – a 60 year old farmer peasant who rode a tank with the Red Army (although he hated/hates the Soviet Union/Russia and officers in general)…this stocky vet made some “mean” homemade vodka. :notworthy: :notworthy:

I mainly remember the cheap drinking. Delicious local fruit wines were like 20 cents a litre. :smiley: I remember smoking 100s of packets of unfiltered “Cossack” ciggies and getting pissed with a bunch of gangsters in a mafioso bar in a bank vault in Uzhgorod.

Our professor also booked us into a hotel that also served as the village’s cat house, but geez :astonished: – the hookers would have beat most high school football (gridiron) teams…They were big boned, homely, and had half of their teeth missing. I just accepted the room. :smiling_imp:

Drinking shitloads of vodka for breakfast, studying the Romany for most of the day, and then driving into Uzhgorod for night activities.

An interesting trip. I would have liked to venture to the eastern part of the country (Odessa etc).