Is there a way I can get the public gyms in Taipei

to all have at least a squat rack? Having 80% of space used by cardio machines and resistance machines is just an inefficient way to get stronger. I weigh about 125 lbs right now and I max out the dumbbells for the dumbbell press at the Wanhua gym. The ONLY place I could deadlift at that I’ve seen in Taiwan is the gym at Shida. I’ve been to a few commercial gyms and not a single place allows you to deadlift.

No offense, but then why not come to a place that has not one but THREE power racks, specializes in teaching everyone how to deadlift, has dumbbells up to 50kg, and costs LESS than the public gyms if you come often enough?

You guys working out at these public gyms don’t seem to understand that those places are for people who will make the least effort possible because they aren’t serious about results. And their equipment and exercise choices are based on that. They’re never going to have squat racks and allow people to do real exercises because those folks need to be trained to do that and the trainers at those places usually don’t know how to do those exercises themselves.

Seriously, you should at least come by and check us out. We’re open from 7am-9pm M-F and 10am-4pm Sat-Sun.