Is there a way to attract women taller than you?

Biologically, women are attracted to men who are taller than them.
And it seems to be true, as all women who were attracted to me are shorter than I am.
On the other hand, I actually prefer women who are taller than I am, but unfortunately they were clearly not attracted to me.
So, it seems to be so true that height plays such an important role in dating&relationships.
Is there a way to break the law of natural? Is there a way to attract women taller than you?
Any tips?

By the way, I’m not a tall guy. It’s not uncommon or difficult for me to bump into or meet women taller than I, especially in the West.

I couldn’t hang with that. I would think they were freakish, taller than me? I couldn’t see over them, they would block out the sun, I would see their nostril hair.

Titty height Tommy?

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Tell them you’re 12.
They’ll be impressed at your maturity.:+1:


Having an attractive face. 9/10 10/10

For reference, Tom Cruise, Jon Snow, Dave Franco

Confidence… and maybe money. But mostly confidence.

I’d like to know the sources of this. How did they prove it’s not social but biological?

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FWIW, here is something I found from a quick search. I haven’t read it, and I’m not sure I would believe it (sometimes I feel you can pretty much find research to support both sides of an argument)

I always found it amousing when people waste their time on trying to attract women that won’t beattracted to them for whatever reason when there are plenty that would be.

There are plenty of women that would date shorter men. Let’s say 25% of women are just not going to be interested because you’re shorter. Why focus on how to change that 25% mind. Focus on the 75% that have no issue. Unless you’re a person that uses your height as an excuse on why you’re not getting the girl.

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Eh it’s way more than 25%. Most tall girls (> 5’8) I know say they will never go out with any guy shorter than them. I know girls who are like 5’11 or even 6’ and they tell me the same thing.

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The point is still why work so hard when there are still so many women that would be attracted to you.

And I would bet many of them would actually date shorter guys. Women often have these requirements. Not all of them are absolute. I’m saying ignore the ones that would. I’ve met many women who said that and ended up obsessed with a shorter guy that doesn’t like them back.

I’ve never had this issue myself. And I guess I’m lucky. But I have met women who would never date an Asian guy. I just ignore them, why lose my mind that there are women out there that wouldn’t like me for something I can’t control. But to be fair, I wouldn’t date many women on their looks either. So that’s life. But I have also met many women that said they thought they would never go out with an Asian guy. One particular girl from Iowa said she never even talked to a Asian person before and I had no issue having a short fling with her.

All I’m saying is, you can’t control other people. You can control yourself. If someone wouldn’t date you no matter what solely based on your height. Their loss, there are plenty of girls out there where it wouldn’t even be an issue.

tall girls actually have less dating options than shorter girls. so you might be surprised.

Thanks for the link. I read the article, and think it may indicate that the preference could be social rather than biological, as quoted below.

”Although previous studies from a number of Western societies and using a wide range of methodologies and samples (Courtiol et al., 2010b; Fink et al., 2007; Pawlowski & Koziel, 2002; Re & Perrett, 2012; Salska et al., 2008; Swami et al., 2008) have all yielded the same consistent mate preferences with respect to height, studies from non-Western samples suggest that preferences and choice for partner height are not universal (Sear, 2006; Sorokowski & Butovskaya, 2012; Sorokowski, Sorokowska, Fink, & Mberira, 2011). Thus, although it is likely that our results can be generalized to Western populations, they may not necessarily apply to non-Western populations."

from "Women want taller men more than men want shorter women"
Author Gert Stulp, Abraham P.Buunka,Thomas V.Pollet

Yeah. A lot of women mature out of their finding their prince charming stage with all of this he must be tall, super rich, etc. or they realize they’re going to end up alone forever.


well i just meant they don’t have as many guys who are eligible to date them. short girls can date any guy taller than them, which is most guys. tall girls can date any guy taller than them also, which is a much smaller percentage of guys so they might be a bit more open minded about it. thats been my experience anyway. on the flipside i’ve also met some short girls who expect to date no less than 190 guys or something ridiculous like that.

Setting a “height target” for your partner just seems so shallow to me. Is it really that important in the scheme of things?

They’re probably into stand & carry.

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I think this is very true in the West but in Asia or Taiwan I see plenty of taller girls date guys the same height or shorter. If you hang out around Zhongxiao Fuxing or Dunhua youre likely to see a couple examples.

In TW I’ve dated 2 girls that are taller than me, but in the US I never have. I think its a social conditioning of western culture.