Is there a way to attract women taller than you?


In Taiwan, money makes you look taller.


i think its more common here too but again its more about the girls lack of choice than social conditioning… face is a thing here if you haven’t noticed yet…


of course it’s fake…but still funny.


There’s setting a height target and there’s height being merely a turn on or a turn off.


I once saw a pair of couple.
The woman is over 185 cm, and the is about 170 cm. The woman is big (with big bone and wide shoulder, not fat) while the is small.
When they’re holding hands together, the scene looks like it’s a mother holding her kid’s hand.
Somehow, I kind of want to experience that feeling. LOL.


Wait until some of them hit their 30s and become less picky.


Unless they’re women like Macron’s wife who love hunting little boys’ virginity.


RIP ankles


And note that being tall doesn’t necessarily mean being big, and being big doesn’t necessarily mean being fat, and being fat doesn’t necessarily mean being obese. They’re not synonyms.

When I say I prefer 高大的女生(tall and big women), Taiwanese always look at me in suspicion.