Is there a way to block or unsubscribe from a particular forum?


So, for example, is it possible to view this site without seeing stuff posted to International Politics?


Sounds like someone needs a safe space. :slight_smile: You could try just not reading the posts you find offensive. It’s not rocket science.

If that proves difficult, you can click on the Forum tab instead of the Latest tab and avoid International Politics completely.


Click on your icon at top right, and then the gear icon for Preferences. Go down to the Muted box and you can enter any categories you want; they won’t appear in the Latest topics list.


I believe threads that you’ve already replied to will still appear - but then you can just mute those threads individually when they show up.

Being able to have “all new posts minus specific forums” is one of the big advantages of the new software, although unfortunately we can no longer automatically hide posts by individual users.


Normally I don’t get drawn in by nonsense, but what they hey. I haven’t found any of the posts here offensive. I find a lot of the posts here juvenile and irrelevant and I was hoping to clean up my feed by removing posts I already do not read.


Thanks everyone for the help!