Is there a way to find a job that let's you get off at 4 PM

And still generates a decent income (50-60K)

I currently live in taipei and it seems like the only way I can make this income is by working at a school during the day, then getting a three hour break, then having to put in hours at night until 7 or 8 PM.

Kinda sucks because I really want to pursue other activities (legit one’s that is)…:frowning:

Yeah, switch over to English editing for a company and ask for morning hours.

Newpaper delivery…they start at 3am and end by 8am…

Work in a bakery

real life’s a b*tch ain’t it?

if you work at kindy… an all english one all day, you should be off by 4-430

yes, but if he is worried about legit stuff, working at a kindy won’t do:)

Ja, unfortunately working at kindies is illegal for foreigners in Taiwan. And especially in Taipei, the likelihood of being raided is quite big.

I think Dragonbones’s suggestion (English editing work in the morning) is the best.

If you decide to go this route, though, could I suggest that you review correct use of apostrophes beforehand? :wink: