Is there an e-mail address directory?

Does anyone know of a website where I can go to look up the e-mail addresses of people? I have done a GOOGLE search and found several but they want to charge a fee to release the information. I am just looking for a simple directory where I can type in a name and get that person’s e-mail address.
Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.

I don;t see how it would work well, what with people constantly changing their email addresses. Plus, such a site would be a spammer’s dream come true.

I use Facebook, Xing and LinkedIn and when I find the people I think I need to reach, I ask the people I know to ask the people they know. It works - I’ve found (and been found by) writers for Taiwanease magazine, headhunters, and financial experts I needed to reach for a couple of projects this past year

If you join any of these, make sure you join the respective Forumosa Groups, too, so you can have access to fellow Forumosans on there