Is there any cheap garage parking in Taipei/New Taipei near an MRT?

Hi all,

I’d like to buy an old car and store in in a garage, only use it occasionally. I found a cheap car I like (75000nt) but the parking in DaAn is 4200-5000NT a month! Does anyone know of a garage farther outside of the center of Taipei but short walk to MRT (any MRT) that I could store it at for maybe 1000-2000 a month? Then I could maybe justify buying it. Note I’m talking 24/7 parking. Thanks!

That will not be easy if you’re looking for the Taipei area.

I had the same situation, and am renting a space in Hongshulin.
Pay 2000 a month on a 6 month contract, they want 2500 for monthly renting.
Quite nice place, but also saw some shitty places where they wanted the same price range.
Might give you a reference.

Even cheap parking spots in Taipei like riverside uncovered are $60 per day, ~1800/month.

There are free parking areas around on the edges of city. Just have to find them.

Not only MRT, but check where buses near your house go, then see if there are spots near the end or along the way.

how short?

Thanks all for the quick replies. Short meaning less than 15 minutes walk or so? I don’t mind a bit of a walk if the price is right.

Oh and looking for a garage. I’d love the free street parking but its a 30yr old car that lived a garaged life and the elements would destroy it in short order.

Right attitude :slight_smile:

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if it means less than 15min, there should be something.

One of the cheaper covered parking places I found NT$150 per day Monday through Friday.

106, Taipei City, Da’an District, Jianguo Elevated Road, 台灣

I park in a slow as molasses machine at Dawn and Xinyi for 10k every 3 months. Beats 6k for a ground parking spot. But I need to sell my car as I don’t drive it . Anyone want to buy a Buick Excelle with 50k km on it? It’s a 2008.