Is there life after Spin?

My Reason for Living has just decided to paint itself orange, remove all walls you can stare at while dancing, and play boring repetitive drum and base-type music. What can I do? Where can I go?
Is there Hope out there, or is it finally time to pack up and leave Taiwan?

With that sort of attitude, you should have left a long time ago… :stuck_out_tongue:

the best part is when the dj decides, “hey, let’s put on some 160bpm music that nobody can dance to and see what happens.” so for the last few hours(until i left) the place looked like a bunch of aerobics instructors on crack.

even though i was never the biggest fan of spin, it was more fun than this new place. good thing it was free…

Wasn’t the old Spin a bit dodgy? Plenty of gangsters there, right?

Spin was always the place where desperate white guys went to pick up ugly Taiwanese girls.

Definitely a beer goggles only zone.

Life after Spin? You mean curled up wondering how to get the lass out of the house before your flatmates or neighbours spied her? (Best case scenario) Or at worst, laying in the hospital wondering where all the shards of glass came from?

You could always graduate to Vibe.


Graduate to Vibe? THE HORROR!
Spin had energy, man! I actually tried Vibe on Saturday night and had a crotch attached to me in about 5 seconds. And there were no cute Mafia boys to protect me.
I’ll have to start chewing betel nuts!

the girls at Vibe will just love that. Spit the juice out on the dance floor - that should make them slide over to your corner… :smiling_imp:

Well, my beloved Spin is back. What a nice surprise when I came back from my holiday. It’s still painted orange, though…

Say hallo to the mob from me.

Spin has now moved to The Weird Ball Mall in Pateh Road. Actually it’s kind of weird having it in such a modern clean place, but it’s pretty cool to see the old crowd again. The dj’s and bargirls have also migrated. It is situated in the Party Room location, seems that Spin is just using the spot on the weekends.
Just how gooood is Spin…er Party Room? I’ve been there twice and I haven’t spotted The Ball yet. But I have been told it’s there. I have it on good authority that…(broadcast interrupted)

I never see any club listings for Spin. Is it still open?

Spin is gone. That’s why I’m staying in from now on.
Some of the dj’s have moved to the new Party Room spot, but…sigh…it’s just not the same.

Sorry to hear that Spin is no more. It sounded like fun times.