Is there many places to Adopt a rescue (unwanted) Cat or Dog?

Australian living in Kaohsiung (but will travel). I would like to adopt a rescue pet, Are there any good places anywhere in Taiwan to do this.

Plenty. Each city has a public animal shelter, where a regulation dictates that pets not adopted for 12 days are put to sleep.

Most of the resources are in Chinese.

Kaohsiung City has two public shelters:

One is near the Kaohsiung city zoo:

One is a bit far from downtown

It’s recommended that you call first before visiting, to make sure they are opened so you don’t trek over for nothing.
Government animal adoption database, with info to every public shelter. You can browse through photos and make arrangements.
This is a popular platform for people or organization to post for adoption.

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How long are you planning to stay in country? Are you planning to return to Oz with your new friend?

He can foster if he has difficulties but of course, adoption in a forever home ideal.

da streetz. after 12 pm.

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My last adoption fell through. Do you know of any shelters around Tianmu? Of course I can travel.

You are in luck. Come and browse.


Any suggestions for dogs/puppies?

I don’t think many read Forumosa , but my advice to them would be to use those puppy eyes when humans are looking at you :kissing_heart: and well done for anyone adopting :slightly_smiling_face:

I have resisted the urge to correct the title grammar . :yum:

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First link is broken. Any idea where the new one is? Any other good resources pop up in the last couple of years?

Sure. I just posted a Maltese that needs a home.

You can also check the websites/FV of The Pack, Mary’s doggies, the Taipei shelter.

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There are a lot of pets to adopt after a raid on an illegal breeding farm.

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We got almost all kinds of doggies. Of course, adopting a tuguo is easier because there are more, plus they are smarter, healthier, require less grooming expenses and are the perfect size: not too big, not too little. Plus they are used to the wretched weather…

Now, if you want any specific race, we got all the expensive ones: Maltese, sausage dogs, Pomeranians, poodles of all colors, sizes, ages. We got several German shepherd, which I adore. Heck, the shelter has several Tibetan mastifs. You know how expensive are those?!

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Got this beauty up for adoption, well behaved, calm, cute, medium sized. Vaccinated and spayed.