Is there something sadder than this...?

Here is a pretty sad scene. I, Patterson, am actually in England right now. I have a two week holiday to suck down all the most interesting and flavoursome experiences I can possibly manage. And how do I spend this morning, one of a most valuable 14? Reading Forumosa.

Spending 14 days in England.

I’m back home now…and I’m here reading Forumosa too! :?

When I was back home I didn’t even check here once, no, not once!!

I check because I like to keep an eye on the forums. Besides, the last time I went on vacation without checking into forumosa, I came back to like 6-7 pages of a flame war which my partner and I had to sort out. I don’t think it’s pathetic. It’s kinda like checking the weather for back home…you know you miss us! :wink:

What I find non-sad and non-stupid is that you’ve apparently worked things out to the point that you’re returning to Taiwan in a couple of weeks. Compared to that, peeking at Forumosa while on vaca is insignificant. Congrats, glad things have improved!

Thanks MaPo. The future Mrs P aint so bad…! :blush:
Yeah I felt a bit dumb lookin here, when I could be watching some god awful chat show, or medical phone in.
I had quite forgotten just how much tea and coffee I used to drink here. And how wonderful bacon tastes!

I’m back in the States and I’m reading Forumosa too. My sleep schedule is so screwed up right now that I’m awake at 4:00 AM, so there’s nothing else to do … :laughing:

I’d say listening to and believing Bush’s State of the Union Address is far sadder and more stupid. :laughing:

Just spent a week away, and didn’t even think about forumosa. Yes, you’re a sad loser.

I swear off this site at least once a week. I’m wasting my life getting into pointless conversations like this one. Oh god, I’m doing it again. I’m such a waste of space!

Imani, what’s the point of checking the weather in a place where you aren’t? I’ve never done that. I guess I’m not totally hopeless then.

We have bacon here, you know. :unamused:

I think he means nice bacon.

Ok, this is a little :offtopic: , but Costco has awesome bacon. The brand name is Kirkland - their own label.

Yeah Wolfy, taiwanese bacon is not a good product.
Them pigs look the same on the outside, but when you cut em open…
BTW I am still in the uk, and still checking forumosa. i decided that slagging myself off was quite a waste of time. Also that viewing this website from afar is a positive sign that i must quite like my life in Taiwan.

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Sad news.

70 year old James Brown arrested for domestic violence again. … sted_x.htm

I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

…i’ve got the flue and been puking all night :stuck_out_tongue:

[quote=“Mother Theresa”]Sad news.

70 year old James Brown arrested for domestic violence again. … sted_x.htm

I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks.[/quote]


Good old JB must have gotten mugshot hairdo tips from Nick Nolte !