Is this 2 good 2 be true?


I call bullshit.

[quote]No catches and there is nothing extra to pay. Also included are details of how to view all these 500+ Channels on your normal TV, again totally FREE.

Your download link will be supplied INSTANTLY following your order being placed. Fully compatible with Windows 95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP and XP Pro.


There are a lot of offers like that out there. I had a look a while back and most simply provide information on tv that is readily available and most of the 500 channels are only channels that offer some online content. And most of those are crap.

CBC and BBC put a fair bit of content online at times depending on the show but you are not going to find internet access to tv for the timebeing unless you set it up through home home with someone who really loves you (search for Sony’s Location Free TV for a costly way to do it). More content is coming online though and more will - BBC will offer a lot of shows online within the UK starting this summer (the file will expire after a week) but this does not help those of us overseas.

If I could offer it like this then I would.

Yes, it’s true that there are many programs available FTA on satellite TV there are not many programs available legally on the web due to broadcasting rights.

Many south africans were watching supersports1 on kuduclub with monthly fees only to find out the IP address has now been blocked for those outside of south africa.

Sky news is a pay channel and is not free anywhere. There are many feeds channels where a live sports event is sent one satellite to another and sometimes can be viewed if the signals are not encrypted. Although this is good for the hobbyist like me it’s much for somebody who just wants to go home and get a regular service in English.

This is for an e-book. I’ve seen it before. They tell you where to get different channels or how to set it up to your computer. As for watching it on your t.v, they will just tell you how to hook up your computer to your t.v.(which I can tell you) You could probably find the same e-book on Kazaa or just searching some Warez sites. I wouldn’t bother, but I would recommend you talk to Satellite TV.

It be on Limewire right now… … 25,00.html

And this news just in from the UK about ilegally streaming tv over the internet