Is this a good TESOL program?


I have a question about TESOL programs.* A friend of mine has been accepted to Columbia University’s Postbaccalaureate Certificate Program in TESOL for the summer term (this summer, and classes begin very soon, I believe).

Her cost will be about us$10,000, including airfaire, and 8 weeks of her time, spent in NYC, USA. In return she will be matriculated in 6 courses and receive the certificate in August this year.

She’s a native Taiwanese, an engineer who intends to switch careers and to teach English here, but I’m not sure exactly how definite her plans are.

Q1: Is the Columbia program one that is recognized in Taiwan or China? That is, does it carry any “clout” or “brand power” that would hasten a payback on her investment?

Q2: Would getting a certificate from some UK university here be a better alternative?

Any help would be much appreciated!

*–I have briefly searched for information about TESOL programs, but I didnt’ learn anything about Columbia’s program, and that’s my real concern here.

Gosh, it all depends on what her plans are. If she

How in the world do they expect anyone – let alone a non-native English speaker – do six complete university courses in that length of time??

Keep in mind that room and board will eat up a good deal of the US$10K (if in fact that amount includes room and board; if not, then be ready to add on another couple of thousand).

They probably mean you get six credits for the program. Six credits was one class at my university, and one class is reasonable for a summer program.