Is this a new law?

I am married to a Taiwanese and when we were 1st married, I was told I could apply for my permanent ARC after 3 years. Now I’m told this law has been changed to 5 years. Is this true? And does the new law only apply to marriages after the law has been changed or is it retroactive to all?

Why do you want a permanent ARC? :s A JFRV ARC is sooooo much better. Unless you’re planning on getting a divorce, stick with a JFRV ARC. :uhhuh:

What is a JFRV ARC?

Joining Family Resident Visa

So what is the difference between a JFRC and a permanent ARC, and why do you think a JRFC is better? and back to my orginal questions about the laws changing. Has the law changed and is it retroactive?

The PR visa requires five years of marriage to a Taiwanese citizen which are spent in residence (at least 183 days per year) in Taiwan plus valid ARC status during that time.

The only thing that has changed that I’m aware of is the interpretation of the five-year requirement. It used to be interpreted as requiring five years of 183+ days per year residency in Taiwan and being married to a Taiwanese citizen at the time of application. I applied with five years of residency and four years of marriage and was rejected, though at the beginning of the three-month application process I had been told otherwise by the same department.

The advantages to me of the PR visa, which I now have, are that I don’t have to bother reapplying for an ARC periodically and if my wife dies my son and I won’t have to leave Taiwan.

I’m not sure but I also think that if you don’t apply for the PR visa within two years after you become elgible for it that there are some restrictions on then applying for it.

I’ll have to refresh my recollection but from the Nanshijiao HRC office, the paperwork showed that a spouse of a ROC national can apply for ROC citizenship after 3 years. 5 years for APRC.

I am not aware of any new law changes in this area.

I read in the paper 2 days ago on how they are changing the rules and it comes into effect in October. New rules are you have to live here for 5 years, take a test to see how well your Chinese is. Also a test to see how you know about Taiwan. Was in the Taipei Times last Thursday or Friday I believe.

I thought this was for citizenship, not for the PARC.

Yeah sorry, it is for citizenship.