Is this a new trend? Chinese tourists coming over to commit … t-from.htm

Are some tourists coming over to Taiwan to commit suicide? IS it some sort of new trend?

Theres been a few cases already.

It’s probably one of two scenarios:

  1. they’ve been told that Taiwan is a real dump, that it is far worse than living at home in the big other mainland, and that only hicks and backwards peasant live here, apart from Sun Moon Lake, but when they arrive they’re amazed at the wide ope spaces, the clean air, the beauty and the pleasure of life in the 'wan, and they can’t tolerate going back home.


  1. they’ve been led to believe that Taiwan is far far better than China, and that us capitalists have such an easy life, with streets paved in gold, and fountains spouting champagne, and free steamed dumplings on every corner, but when they get here, they discover that life in the far reaches of the world is just as shit as in China, and they can’t go on.

I wonder if more people commit suicide on holiday, or take a trip with the specific purpose of checking out?

A holiday is a kind of liminal space that vulnerable people can’t deal with, I guess.

It’s good that 101 is fairly suicide-poof.

Condolences to the Huang family, although they’ll never read this.