Is this a traffic camera?

This thing (the black squares next to the surveillance camera) just got installed at an intersection close to my house. It’s on a very sturdy pole that serves no other purpose, and the cables that come from it lead to a locked box that has Xinbei City Police Department markings on it.

Is it a flashless traffic camera? If so, doesn’t it have to be marked?

Stand there at night and wait for someone to run the light. If it flashes, then obviously yes. This works in the daytime, but you might not notice.

Otherwise is could just be government surveillence

Edit:// Just noticed you asked if it was flashless. Eh, just cause the lamp isn’t visible on the device itself doesn’t mean a flash doesn’t exist close by at some other angle.

Most traffic cameras I’ve seen are large, silver gray boxes on freestanding poles. That doesn’t look the same unless it’s a radically different design.

New design, digital wireless feed … real-time, including infrared … but I think these are not traffic cameras for speeding or running red lights, they are just traffic observation cameras …

Could it be an infrared or ultrasound vehicle counter? I’ve always wondered why traffic loads were measured by in-pavement induction loops, as the latter could presumably be damaged during resurfacing (correct me if I’m wrong), and the technology exists to count vehicles from above.

Yep - I think it is a vehicle counter and it is in line with what i have seen in other countries.