Is this an acceptable Taiwan address?

Hi, currently not in Taiwan. I bought a Marketing book off of cost me $91. It’s the wrong book, the person who sent it to me said this is their “return address”:

P.O. Box 70-223

The name of the bookseller is Lindabook but the cust service at abebooks said they are located in California. The emailer said they are located in both but I must send it to Taiwan. Is the above address adequate or very incomplete? The emailer is very unhelpful.

Hey could I get any help here? I am about to send the book within the next day or so. Just by looking at it I have to wonder would mail even be deliverable to that address? Isn’t a street name or part of town also necessary?

I’m guessing that the post office number includes code, such as the prefix 70, which tells the Post Office which branch it is at in the city, but I can’t really confirm this. Anyone?

I think Dragonbones is technically right that a number should follow “Taipei.” I have a PO box in Taipei and it reads like this:

PO Box aaa-bbb
Taipei aaa, Taiwan

But I routinely omit the second aaa (the one after “Taipei”) and the letters are delivered to me just fine.

Some people would also tell you to stick an ROC at the end, but that’s definitely not required (and I never use that).

So, I understand your concern. It does appear too short. But I believe it’s sufficient.

Incidentally, sorry about your bad luck. I’ve placed several orders with abe books and had 100% success so far.

Yeah, just as MT was posting that, I was looking at some PO addresses and reached the same conclusion. The only thing missing is the zip, and you can get away without that. So yeah, looks complete.

Well, I showed the address to the post office guy and he said:

*70 is the Post Office number, meaning the specific post office, say the one in Zhongshan Street.

*223 refers to the specific box number

And he said that was enough, since you will write Taipei. However, he stresed that if it was a common street and alley address, adding the other 5 numbers (zip code) will make the letter/package arrive faster.

Thanks much for the replies and to Icon for stopping by the local PO! I will post again with an update later. I haven’t heard back from abebooks so I’m still waiting for word from them.

No sweat, it’s just downstairs.

Hope your purchase turns out all right.

Hi, just an update. I sent the book off to address in question and got an email today from abebooks saying “refunded”, so looks like good news. No word on amount or any other comments, will find out later. Thanks.