Is this crazy?

A friend of my neighbours is planning on getting married. Ok that doesn’t sound to crazy, but it’s the circumstances that are a little off the wall.

She got in contact with an ex online. They haven’t seen or heard from each other for over 12 years. They have know each other since they were 13years old and dated for a short time. She has met up with his/her friends on her visits back home, but never did she see him.

He professed his love for her and told her how he had never forgotten her. He arrives here within the next month or so and they are planning to get married shortly after that.

They have been in contact for a total of 7 days it went from coming to see her, to dating, to marriage.

Is it crazy?? She says something just feels right.

A “friend”. Sure, sure. :wink:

They must have webcams.

Maybe her time is running out, or she just feels like it is, or it is the next step on the checklist that isn’t checked.

Is she settling for less that she is probably worth or wants, or has her heart been broken? I suspect either or both.

that’s not crazy. unusual, perhaps. hasty, some would say (and the writing on the wall is there for all to see) But, it’s not crazy.

Crazy is writing on the wall IN YOUR OWN POO the many secret messages that the galactic controllers on Beta five have been sending you through the microwave oven about the urgent need to rid the world of Xenu and his followers, lest a DC9 crash into your home and turn it into a volcano spouting forth a myriad of souls trapped there eons before. or some such stuff.

dont’ think her time is running out but maybe it is just time.

of course she’s been hurt before, but then again who hasn’t.

no webcams

And not settling for less as far as i know.

Maybe was bored with the guy and was looking for excitement in her life.

Nothing sparks the fire in the loins like a shotgun wedding.

But maybe 6 months later she’ll regret it.

Hasty rhymes with pasty.

Not normal…but so what?

Life is way too short…and if the guy wants marriage…and she wants him and thought about him in those 13 yrs…then why not. Some people date for 7 years…get married and break up a year later…

I too have found exes on say facebook…and felt a little intrigued and confessed a bit of a longing…cleared up bad air etc. But if something this drastic came around and I felt a bit similiar…then I would go for it (especially if it wasnt me having to leave my life)

So they don’t actually even know each other. Yep it’s crazy. I have a a friend(local girl) that met a Canadian guy 3 months ago. They have been dating and are now both in Canada ready to get married next week. I think the bare minimum should be knowing the person and it’s just not possible in 3 months, let alone 7 days.

One of my friends will get married with her bf after they met .
And it was just a week ago.
I think it is crazy.

she does know him, she’s known him since she was 13years old.

Well apparently all the parents know now so it’s full steam ahead.

I read in Hell’s Angels by Hunter S Thompson that some biker gangs in the US used to “brand their communal women to promote a sense of belonging”.

good book!

a shoddy practice, but a good book.

[quote=“urodacus”]good book!

a shoddy practice, but a good book.[/quote]
Agreed, but it does make you wonder about this sort of question coming from UKbikerchic.

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: wow the imagination on some people.

Remember we’re talking about my neighbour’s friend.

Branded??? what’s that got to do with the topic. Tattoo’s were never mentioned. Is marriage a kind of branding???

Anyway made me laugh. :laughing: :bravo:

No! Absolutly it’s not crazy!! It’s beautiful.

Yeah they knew each other when they were kids , but not really since they were kids. So they don’t each other at all as adults.

I’ve known old folks who met, got engaged and got married within 7 days. Happily married for 50 years.

Known others who dated, and even lived together for years before getting married. Some survived, but many went down the tubes in a year or two.

There’s no guarantees.

Not crazy at all. I met my fiancee online in Apr 2008 from a set up by my nosey cousin. It was a long distance relationship initially with email --> msn everyday --> meeting in Nevada then going to Arizona . I proposed in Arizona and we’re getting married in Dec 2008. From the first time we met at the airport in Vegas, it was as if we’ve been dating forever already.

So, ya, whatever works for couples.