Is this real?


I need some help concerning the authencity of this article:
Does anyone know the newspaper?
Is it usually reliable or is it known to report hoaxes from time to time?

Thanks a lot.


It’s a Russian newspaper. Unreliable, sir.

QUOTE: .Мєнх-Амгалан: Монгол хvн голдуу єєр дээрээ туршилт хийдэг.

Ярилцсан: Ph.D. М.Саруул-Эрдэнэ (МУБИС - Индианагийн Их Сургууль)

Индианагийн Их Сургуульд Монгол хэл зааж буй, МУИС-ийн багш Ю.Мєнх-Амгалантай ярилцлага хийлээ. Бид Монголд жирийн ажил хэргийн холбоотой байсан бол энд ирсээр эх нутгаасаа холд мэргэжил нэгт улсын хувьд илvvтэй дотносон нєхєрлєсєн

Out of curiosity, what does the newspaper say? I’m afraid I can’t read it…

try those guys

the biggest chinese-language newspaper in the us

part of the UDN group, so that’s where acid_crybaby gets his daily dose of drivel, I guess

That up there is Mongolian, which explains the “mn” in the URL. Mongolian is officially written in the Cyrillic alphabet used in Russian, but they’re completely different languages.

Which means I don’t have a clue what the report is about.

The clipping the guy is showing is from a US chinese language paper owned by United Daily News.

My question wasn’t about the reliability of that mongolian website, but about the reliability of the newspaper (WorldJournal, as it seems - thank s Mr He) on that clipping.
The translation given by the mongolian website basically says that Taiwan is going to export his nuclear waste to Mongolia (via Vladivostok), and the revenues will be divided 70/30 between Russia and Mongolia, i.e. Mongolia will get 30 percent of the revenues - and 100 percent of the waste, of course.
Mongolian newspapers are not that reliable,and there is an election in two weeks, so it might well be made up by opposition sympathizers. OTOH, the current government certainly is not very trustworthy, and there have been some backroom deals with russia recently, whose details the government refused to disclose, and many people wouldn’t put anything past them.
So, I am somewhat confused whether the story is real or not.