Is this request for documents legit?

I put an as on Tealit looking for part time work and got this reply…

"We have an English teaching position opening in New Taipei City.

If you are interested, please e-mail me your resume, scanned diploma , scanned passport and recent photo to me. Thank you. "

My question is, is all this legit? I felt it was handing over a lot of info on myself over the internet.

I wouldn’t give that out unless I met the people, know the school and have info on them as well.


Just photoshop them to contain difficult-to-remove text saying the images are provided for reference only and for that specific school. If they want to advertise you to third parties, it makes it harder for them to pose as a legitimate recruiter.

Oh and I would definitely black out the passport number. :slight_smile:


The uni I work for asked for the same documents and they were obviously on the level since I now work there. So it could be legit, or it might not be. Why don’t you google them?