Is this safe?

I caught a cold a few days ago, I was waiting to see if it would go away without taking medicine, but it’s a pain to work with a runny nose, and not so hygienic in my job.
anyhow, this afternoon i dash to the local drugstore, and ask for tablets to help me fight this cold.
here’s what I was handed

:roll: :laughing: :noway:

Now, I’m no wuss, but I somehow fear that a pharmaceutical company, who can’t get English right, might just be unable to make a correct medicine too.
So, what would you do?

is it safe?

Should I go again and try source medicine from a country where medicines are scrutinized?


(by the way,someone should have told the “actors” on the pics,that,whiping your nose on your sleeve or your bare hand,it’s just soooooo yesterday :s :smiley: )

Taiwan has incredibly stringent regulatory legislation for drugs. You’re quite safe. Unless you plan on competing in the Tour de France or something – that pseudoephedrine can be a bitch. :wink:

The medicationis from Malaysia, anyway. Read the box.

And stockmarket transactions as well. I’ve read the Securities Law and it’s very comprehensive. As the last chairman of the SFC said before being indicted for insider trading, “oh shit”.

So no worries on either front there, then.

do they apply them to those dodgy adverts with useless young ladies running around in the forest and drinking “tea” that’s supposed to make you feel 20 year younger after just 3 cups?

thanks anyway Mr sandman,you must know something we don’t if you trust those 100%

(note to forumosa’s community:if i’m found dead in the morning…get him :wink: :laughing: )

OH. MY. GHOD! Are you questioning my AUTHORITY? :wink:
(The regulations are applied to all drugs, whether domestic or imported.)

Cold medicines are pretty standard stuff in the pharmaceuticals industry, no? I wouldn’t worry about it. Hope you feel better soon! :slight_smile:

Ah, just get yourself a box of instant ginger tea. That’ll put you right in no time at all. Mind you drink it while the water is still actually boiling. Don’t be a wussy Westerner about it.

i’ve got a fair idea of the effects of boiling water,curing a cold by thrashing your own digestive system seems a little silly,but thanks for the tip…

as for ginger tea,won’t it make me look like a tripod?

you’ve been here long enough to know there’s not much value in standard here
thanks for your good wishes,i get a cold every 2 years on average,so i’m not too aware what to do,especially in this new country.

upon advice i went to see a doctor,and it’s time for a massive thumbs up at last!
went at 9PM,entered a building that made me think twice,2 flight of stairs later,i entered a practice that was spotless and made me feel more confident.
the clerk were very helpfull in filling the paperwork,and as soon as i put the pen down,the doc was ready for me,his english was good too so i was glad he would not mistake my cold for a stomach bug,
i was handed 3 days worth of treatment and all this for…
150NT :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway: :noway:

now if i had been in UK…

MY doctor is SO clever. Every time I go, he tells me “drink hot water, don’t eat too much spicy food, AND don’t work too hard.” No matter whether it’s a cold or the shits, his words of wisdom remain the same. AND, he says this to all his patients. So, it MUST be true. I trust my doctor

We must go to the same doctor!

Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride in that dosage is a pretty standard runny, stuffy nose fixer - double it and you start feeling tingles in your scalp. Most of these medicines are the same everywhere you go. Just check the expiration dates on the box.

When in doubt Google the ingredients. I do this for all the drug cocktails that doctors prescribe here.

sound advice too,cheers