Is this the beginning of tyranny?

Trump just fired The acting AG for defying and has signed 15-16 executive orders and I think only signed one congressional bill that helps his executive order. Is this the beginning of tyranny? This is all in 10 days. Is the US so easily willing to trade freedom for what they think is security and stability?

Obama signed 275 executive orders. The God Emperor needs to speed up his signature if he wants to catch up.

Well, it does at least have some amusement value:

There’s nothing sadder than watching a little guy strut around pretending he’s a big swinging dick, just because there’s a big guy behind him to back him up. Somewhat like Heinrich Himmler, I guess.

Sean Spicer is the press secretary, ie., a career bureaucrat.

It’s really, really hard to tell what’s going on here. It probably is about time someone told the Third World to stop making excuses, pull their pants up, clean up their bedrooms, and get a job. OTOH, Trump must know that (a) you can’t achieve that with an EO about immigration and (b) out of all the problems the US has, immigration from Somalia is, like, number 3,547,231 on the priority list.

Ah. A thread for the meltdown.

Those who never got all upset over the previous administration’s abuses have no standing to complain about this one.

And no right to expect any sympathy.

The pen and the phone are on the other foot now.

I’d dearly love to see that immigration ban list expanded to include Saudi Arabia and Egypt. But The Donald is just using the previous Douche’s list for now.

All it’s going to do is piss people off. Annoying people who simultaneously have an inferiority complex and a mandate from God to slaughter the infidel is probably not a good idea. He needs to pair that stick with a carrot, methinks.

I dunno though. Maybe if he pisses them off enough, they’ll eventually realise they actually have no hand to play, no negotiating leverage aside from “I kill you!”, and will consider joining the rest of the human race. Maybe those US immigrants from the banned countries will blame the people who are actually responsible - the governments of their home countries - and put some pressure on them to get their act together. It’s going to be an interesting show. :popcorn:

And whose decision was that? :ponder:

A fairly long read that explains why there was nothing wrong or tyrannic in Trump’s decision to fire the AJ.
I guess that some people will not read it because “mah narrative”.

If he pisses the terrorists off, how will we tell the difference?

Winning hearts and minds. Focus on the winnable ones. Forget converting the jihadi lunatics. Convert everyone else in the region. Don’t say they already hate the terrorists, because they’re not hating enough to actually do something about it. Focus on the psychology of the enablers of terrorism. Oh, and the state sponsors in particular. Make the Saudis squirm.

Once all those idiots are no longer gumming up the works, all that’s left is a big mopping up. Just kill all the bastards. A huge job, but a straightforward one. First drain the swamp, then build the canal.

It’s not the big chores that are the hardest. It’s the complicated ones. The Donald has a demonstrated knack for complicated jobs. So does Ben Carson, by the way. Ozymandias? He had no clue. (He was also lazy, but that’s beside the point. Work smarter, not harder.)

And John McCain has a knack for getting shot down by the enemy.

Tyranny? not at all, just politics as usual. The AG is in the executive branch. What’s weird is that the AG is defying her own branch, her own boss, she should be fired; that’s how it goes in the real world. But she was gonna get fired anyhow being an Obama appointee, it is normal when parties change, they change their staff and it’s all for politics.

Bush was really magnanimous, because of the controversy and discrepancy between the popular and electoral vote, he thought he should let Democrat appointees remain in a show of good will, which I think is stupid.

Obama fired staff for politics sake, but the media is making this bigger than what it is because they’re trying to paint the narrative that Trump is doing unprecedented actions that border on the tyryannical, and that criticism of such actions is universal. Naw, it’s just politics. So far, Trump hasn’t done anything that hasn’t been done before, but the media makes you think so.

It’s not just immigrants but refugees of course, that’s the worst bit. The US vetting program for refugees is already amongst the most stringent worldwide. He’s causing needless hardship and misery for those people (usually the US takes the famliies, women and children, torture victims, disabled etc as priority).

Also many of those countries are fractured tribal societies, their identification with the state or government they are emigrating from may be minimal.

The US does have responsibility for helping out some countries like Iraq and Libya since it invaded them!

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We have a vetting program among the most stringent worldwide, but Obama, being the executive branch to uphold the law, was letting the law go by the wayside for politics sake, on a host of issues, not just immigration/refugees. We do have a litmus test, since asylum is afforded for religious persecution, we normally ask them their religion and compare it with conflicts and the general circumstances in their country (Muslims are rarely persecuted for being Muslim in their own Muslim countries). So Obama took out this requirement as he deemed it discriminating and unfair. Thus it becomes easy for terrorists to slip in this charitable channel since we can’t really vet them anymore.

Trump has just vetted and allowed 800+ refugees through, and more to come. This is only a temporary measure, it isn’t permanent policy. But permanent policy is to reinstate the rigorous vetting process that Obama took out. And these refugees had been vetted by Obama’s weak watered down policy, hence they need to be revetted.

I don’t believe your claim jotham always conveniently blame Obama on this or that…no facts to back up that they didn’t vet the refugees properly, you are just repeating hearsay.

Those refugees come from UN camps and the US only takes the most vulnerable people in the first place and not many of them either.

Trump is in power he should OWN his shitty decisions.
Theres no Clinton or Obama to blame now, just the orange faced gimp and his mutant gorillas.

Just let him continue … he’s taking America from GREAT into a pariah State!

The other day he claimed to be a ‘pussy’, uh, people person … :astonished:

If this all turns out for the better, we’ll remember you said that.

Il Douche blamed his predecessor for about six years.

Firing people… like a boss. Only - in this case at least - with cause.

The single greatest dense against tyranny in the US is private gun ownership. Watch the people who oppose that. They’re the ones dreaming of tyranny.

Il Douche had to settle for lots of executive orders. If he’d made a go for full-blown tyranny, they’d have had his head on a pike. Same with The Donald, or anyone else.

But some people define tyranny as anything they don’t like, and fascist as anyone who doesn’t share their views. I call this projection.

The good old:“It’s ok to punch a nazi” + “everyone who disagrees with me is a nazi”. The foundations of democracy!

It’s not a good idea to bring a fist to a gunfight.

And for heaven’s sake don’t wear a vagina hat.

[quote=“Brianjones, post:13, topic:157957, full:true”]
I don’t believe your claim jotham always conveniently blame Obama on this or that…no facts to back up that they didn’t vet the refugees properly, you are just repeating hearsay.[/quote]
Do I have to do your homework for you?

[quote]That means DHS officers screening for Syrian refugees are likely prohibited from asking questions like, “Are you a member or supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood or Tablighi Jamaat?”…

It would also prohibit law enforcement from asking key questions about how an individual views jihadist ideologues, such as Anwar Awlaki, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, or Yusuf al Qaradawi. That’s vital when such jihadi scholars have played roles in influencing terror attacks.

For example, support and admiration for Awlaki was key to terror cases including the Christmas Day underwear bomber, the Fort Hood shooter, the Charlie Hebdo killers, and the more recent Chattanooga Recruiting Center shooter.[/quote]

That is true for Obama after 3 or 4 years, he should own the economy, but keeps blaming Bush, but in the first year, it takes time to undo mistakes your predecessor made.

For instance, 911 happened 9 months into Bush’s presidency because Clinton had created a wall of separation between the FBI and CIA, so that they couldn’t communicate with each other – for political reasons, not practical ones. The CIA knew about the 911 terrorists, and even that they were in the US, but couldn’t share that with the FBI, whose responsibility they were when in the USA. Bush hadn’t changed it, but it was quickly changed after 911 as government apparatus became more vigilant about terrorism after Clinton’s slackness.

‘Appears to have…’, ‘’, ‘anonymous government source’…fake news.