Is this what I paid for?

OK, so Mrsjdsmith and the boy and I are in Jioasi, on a long weekend. The hotel we’re in is a huge place, The China Trust Hotel. We are in one of the only three rooms that have a queen sized bed and a twin bed, they say these rooms are “the most expensive rooms in the hotel.” The other two are occupied. We paid a 30% discount because we used their credit card, so the price of the room is 4500NT. No small sum IMHO.

So, the TV goes all fuzzy above channel 65. The “hot spring” bathtub took 30 minutes, I kid you not, to fill half way. The desk guy, a nice guy, came up, fiddled with the TV cable and said, "Uh, because of the typhoon, the cable in all the rooms in the back of the hotel are fuzzy like this.

About the bathtub, he said, there is some problem with the water tower, so there is low pressure, and that we are not the only guests to complain.

So my question is this, is some kind of refund in order here? I mean honestly, I don’t mind spending money, I just want to get what I paid for.


Give 'em hell jd. You should be looking at a major discount there.

$NT1500 and no more!

(well, start there and mention how outraged you are at this shabby service)

Before you move out take a leak in the tub, this way it’s already partially filled. Gives the next guests a head start. :laughing:

And … take the TV home for testing, it’s possible it’s the TV and not the cable.

Good luck on your next stop. :wink:

That’s the wife’s job and she’s good.

Room service just brought us a plate of fruit, told us that the bill would be changed to 50% off the original price and a personal letter of apology from the GM.

Well golly. I wonder if it’s because she mentioned complaining online about the service.

Anyway, the wife says, “This is a service industry and Taiwanese aren’t used to it yet, and when there’s a problem, must will say mei gwan xi and forget about it. We can’t do that or they’ll never give us what we pay for.”

Yeah baby!

JD…Smartly Done!

The tai tai sounds a bit like the San Dong(sp?) woman I’m married to.
Lovable…but fierce!

May I ask why you’d be online while getting away from it all?


Jaoshi huh?

If you and your spouse are seperated for more than five minutes, the local pimp is going to ask you if you want a “special bath” :smiling_imp:

Have fun.

[quote=“MJB”]Jaoshi huh?

If you and your spouse are seperated for more than five minutes, the local pimp is going to ask you if you want a “special bath” :smiling_imp:

Have fun.[/quote]
Don’t do it! Look at Belgian Pie’s post above. Now THAT’S special.


WHAT! The hotel doesn’t have porn?

Go to a love motel next time.

Anyway, we just got back from going out to dinner, and the friendly guy has now become “the guy who totally ignores us when we come in the front door.”

No hard feelings though, he probably got reemed by his boss.

Let me leave you with this quote from the Euphemism generator

[quote] Alone once again, she retired to the bedroom and began
wrestling the predator.[/quote]

Sorry, it’s the Asahi talking :blush:

Lake the leak for god’s sake and take the TV. :smiling_imp:

Anyway, I guess I need to find a new wife … one like jd’s that will stand up for herself and not being a pussy … although I like pussy. One that never says mei gwan xi and sorry … sorry … for troubling you. BAH … :s One that kicks ars baby … although she could kick mine :laughing:

I’m suprised. I thought all Taiwanese girls went to the the school of fierce bargaining. I let mine loose like a Pitbull and then feel sorry for the people she is attacking.

End of story, they charged us 2800NT and no service fee.

OK, I’m satisfied, but still, I won’t go back. I don’t want excuses, I want a good hotel.


You just don’t understand Chinese culture, do you?

All too well at times.


Although I didn’t pay for it, I suggest you don’t!

Never EVER go get your car cleaned at Taichung Sogo! A bigger bunch of rip off artists I have never met.

Every sign clearly states that a cleaning and wax of the car will cost you NT900 and up. Ok, so you think that you’re going to get away with something under NT2000 and feel it would be good to check it out. So, you pull up to their place in the car park and ask how much. They tell you to pull inside and they’ll talk to you there, ya know, it’s safer. :unamused: Then the leeches start, they start sraying the car and windows with cleaner and bringing the cleaning machine. Ya tell them to stop and … they tell you that they’ll give you a #@#@ demo. The Mrs tells them she just wants a price and that's all... they don't give the price, just continue with the #@@ demo. Now I’ve got wax on my hood and #@#@ on my windscreen. Then you find out that it will take NT5000 to buy their card and another amount to clean the car. You say not interested and you want to leave. Do they clean the ##@ off your car. No, the #@$@# are gone as fast as they came.

Sogo should be ashamed to have these pricks in their basement.