Is TikTok banned in Taiwan?

I heard it is because of its not so good relations with Mainland China which doesn’t surprise me at all. (If anything, I’d be surprised if they didn’t ban it.)

So that means if I download TikTok, it won’t download? (I have a love hate relationship with TikTok and starting to think the cool stuff on there isn’t worth the toxic political sh*t on there)

Edit: I’m not looking for a substitute for TikTok. TikTok is too damn addicting too. It’s like crack

I don’t know if it is but Taobao works in Taiwan and that’s chinese too.

Taiwan is actually China’s biggest trading partner.

Works fine including all the killing of brain cells

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Check out Forumosa. Less dancing, but other than that it can waste a few hours each day.


We can fix that!
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It certainly should be.

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