Is towing a trailer illegal?

I was day dreaming about getting a jet ski or small sail boat and putting my 4WD SUV to use by towing either of these things on a trailer behind my car.

Could someone tell me if it is indeed illegal to tow a trailer in Taiwan, or is the process to get a license plate for these so difficult that it might as well be illegal. Anyone know about this?

If it is illegal, what is the fine? Maybe I will do it anyway and just risk it. I see illegal cars on the road all of the time. Now where to buy the trailer and the tow ball for my SUV…

Yes (it is illegal) according to the rules when I did my test.


I can get the hitch for you in Taoyuan if you like…A generic hitch is only 2,000NT or so.

Let me guess…BMW X-5 right?

I already have the hitch but nothing to tow…It does cover up my rear plate nicely though. Trailers are cheap as hell in the states and I have always wondered what the hassle would be to simply bring one in…

I have inquired about having one made here just to tow my RZX and my wifes scooter, and the cheapest quote was about 60K. You can buy a decent motorcyle trailer in the US for under 500$ new!

I have seen people towing Jet-skis and dirt bikes before…I think there is a size limit to the trailer of under 1,500Kilos…Beyond that, I have no idea.

If you find out before I do, could you let me know?..I almost have the wife’s arm completely twisted for some new two-wheel transportation.

My understanding that without your vehicle having an approved towing device, and passing a test subsequent to fitting then it is illegal. IF you have a towbar fitted that passes the test, then the vehicle registration papaers (the green docs) are amended to reflect this.

Hey Michael J. Botti, would that hitch pass some test that traveller is talking about? Good info guys, anyone else know something?

Yes, X5. You must have seen the post I put up today about the Kenwood Music Kegs (Car MP3 HDD) that I have for sale here ? I will change the reference to BMW now.

Traveller is right and a trailer has to be certified to get a license plate for it and use it on the public highway. I heard that only imported trailers can be certified.
But, I had a local made trailer big enough for a couple of bikes or a jetski and never got hassled about it. They will bust you for towing on the freeway, but I never had any trouble on surface streets.


The hitch/ball are for export and are heavy duty. I sent you a PM with the details.