Is traffic the worst part of Taiwan's lingering third worldism?

Affordability is key for scooter riders. Everybody knows you can get a weeks worth of driving for a hundred ntd. It’s practically free compared to other options, is scooter parking is free in most areas.

I worked with a guy who would scooter all the way from tamshui and back daily just to save on the MRT fee. I would say that is quite common still.


They only line up orderly because people can see them. Behind the wheel of a vehicle, one becomes a lot more anonymous


I did that myself. Cheaper than MRT, have your own vehicle, easy to go grab lunch or food after I get where I was going originally.

The mrt is quite expensive IMO especially on the low office wages many workers are on, it makes the scooter more economical. Perhaps the MRT should be subsidized more.

If only we could see who was driving, and if they were looking at us when we try to cross the road, or they are looking at their phones, or is it a toddler driving! Who can’t tell who is behind the wheel of all these black-sedane mercedes benz!

But on a serious note, is there any regulation on car window tinting here in Taiwan?
Like in EU minimum is 70% “transparency”?


Just do monthly pass. Unlimited travel on mrt and buses is really nice. Opens up a whole new mindset to getting out and about. Great fun and value.

Taiwanese people conform in public spaces meaning they copy what they see others doing.

Now if the majority of scooters currently ride with unlimited entropy, and since scooters dominate the roads, the entire traffic is chaotic as a result.

Therefore the key is to make scooters move in an orderly manner. Once you achieve that all the other miscellaneous traffic problems will be easily mitigated


Dude/dudette, your posts remind me of petards and something being too much by half. Remember, segregation has been tried, with strange results: cars merging into the scooter lane in order to turn right, two-step left turn for scooters and other design monstrosities.

Segregation is not a solution for fundamental shortcomings in road design, driver training and enforcement … unless if the problem you wish to solve is of the “see, I did something!” kind


No you completely misread. I repeated said, the scooters had to “line up”, therefore if there is one lane available, then only one file is allowed.

One file per lane.

Did I not repeated told everyone on this thread 1-lane-1-file?

No it hasn’t been “tried” in Taiwan. Not anywhere in Taiwan, ever.

Your misreading it as segregation.

Segregation - if not designed and built for the purpose of “1 file 1lane” - does not work.

Below is an example of a single file segregated bike lane in another country. See?

Yeah, but some of us drive white plates in Taiwan and know that people will drive the way they want, that’s the problem. You also said 5 feet wide, easily enough room to pass

Again today i was forced from the middle lane to the scooter lane by an asshole in a car because he didn’t want to go in the far lane that i wasnt allowed in. This is the culture that needs to be changed. Your solution is just an unworkable infrastructure headache that creates many problems and solves none.

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I already listed reasons upthread why this isn’t workable. Your solution only works if you ignore them.

Just copy this. The scooter lane HAS to he physically segregated from the car lane in a manner shown in the follow picture, AND on top of that, remember the segregation is designed FOR the purpose of confining a swam of scooters into an orderly file of scooters.

Any solution that does not intend to produce an orderly file of scooters is not what I am proposing.

Yeah, that’s one reason it wont work. As i said up thread, where is the parking? People will double park their cars already to go to 711 or get some tea or walk their kids in to a buxiban. Now they have to block a lane of traffic for that, and run across a rifle barrel of scooter traffic. Are you for serious :rofl:

This won’t magically happen, that path in that photo is wide enough for people to pass

It is, you just cant see it

If your solution were possible, it wouldnt be necessary

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Go take a look at the picture above. If you ride your scooter on this lane, you will be

A. Completely segregated from cars. Therefore safe.
B. And you will be riding your scooter orderly in a single file, because the lane is not wide enough for you to overtake unless the scooter in front of you consents to yield to you, by riding off center.

FFS, for the third time, where will the cars park. Your “solution” only works because you haven’t thought it through

The problem here isnt that the rest of us don’t get what you’re saying, we’ve just thought it through farther than you have

Again, for the 3rd time, this only works in your mind. I’ve covered this above and you just ignore it

The width or the bike lane in that picture takes into consideration safety margin and is intended for 1 file riding, generous room for 1 file. If transplanting to Taiwan, you can shrink the path width to about 5 feet or 150cm depending on the surrounding sidewalks, trees, or whatever safety margin you have in mind. Key is to shape scooter traffic into “one file”.

Can you take a closer look at the picture in the link below? It already shows where the cars park.

You’re just repeating yourself and ignoring the critical points I’ve raised. Bravo

You mean those two lanes of car traffic that will be totally shut down? :roll_eyes:

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There’s also the problem, which i already raised of adding this to EVERY SINGLE ROAD in Taiwan. Really, you think this is a good idea? Gonna have to knock down a lot of buildings to make the extra space

Apparently they can speak a lot of other realities into existence as well. The power of speech :grimacing:

And how does that car get to turn to the left at an intersection or left junction?

I suppose you are just continuing in the same train of thought that saw traffic being segregated as “inner two lanes for cars, trucks and buses, smaller outer lane for scooters …oh and cars/trucks/buses turning right, and sometimes bicycles”?

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