Is traffic the worst part of Taiwan's lingering third worldism?

Taipei and Taichung

In Yilan an intersection was changed on one side to include a dedicated left turn lane…and so many people turning into that road or driving straight end up driving on the wrong side of the road.

2023 compilation video from the Wowtchout channel that has a bunch of dashcam footage that people upload from all over Taiwan.


Ah. You picked the wrong cities to drive in.

Stopped at a red traffic light and got rear ended. Me, wife and kids have no injuries. We will go for a checkup tomorrow.

I just bought and installed a new camera system. Have HD video front, back and inside. I won’t share the videos publicly.

The woman drove a company car. She probably thought I would jump through a very late yellow light, like many Taiwanese often do and accelerated to get through as well. :sideeye:

Lots of traffic. Take care everyone!


The habitual red light running here is atrocious.

I’m glad to hear you and your family are OK!



I had the same thing happen to me many years ago when my Ford Ranger was less than a year old. Lights changed I slow down and stop and a woman in a small Suzuki 4x4 doing a school lunch box delivery slammed into the back of my car. All I had was a bent bumper she had cracked radiator, smashed head light and other front end damage. Police show up and first thing we are both breath tested. After testing a police woman says to me well you really hit a new expensive car. I replied I own that car the old Suzuki driving by the woman who hit me. As she was driving a company car at least it was insured.

For some reason I was not checked for alcohol. I am not sure the woman was. It happened around 4pm. Probably police had zero suspicion any of us would be drunk or simply forgot to do it at the station.


I saw this in a school’s wall today. While I agree that it’s safer to use the crosswalk (duh), it really bugs me that all the blame is placed on the pedestrian, instead of telling drivers to slow down. Also, this was in 玉里, so sidewalks are rarer than a unicorn.


Watched the video. The scooter driving next to us ran the red light and escaped being involved. :roll_eyes:


Good to hear you guys are fine, but I hope your Monster cans survived as well!

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I never see these public service announcement posters for drivers. Only for pedestrians.


Yea how would drivers see them anyways? It’s not like they ever paid attention to anything else.

People who care about road safety don’t need these announcements, and those who don’t? you don’t expect them to even notice that.

Welcome to the club!

Great edit!


A push for some improvements for child safety on motorbikes/scooters. Well anything might be an improvement as currently there are no standards at all.

Also data for traffic incidents for November are now available.

Below is a summary of traffic incidents, deaths, and injuries (in that order) for January to November 2023. Cities with the most casualties are Taichung, Tainan and Pingtung (numbers are per 100,000)


Here is the comparison of Taiwan and Japan for January to November 2023. Taiwan with a population more than 5 times smaller than that of Japan but still produces significantly higher numbers in terms of traffic accidents, deaths, and injuries.


Taiwan #1 across the board!


Taichung with the gold! :partying_face:

The chart comparing Japan and Taiwan at the bottom: are those straight up numbers or adjusted per 100,000?


Taichung has been holding the lead for quite a while. It’s always an interesting topic when talking with friends about the crazy riders/drivers in Kaoshiung yet Kaoshiung doesn’t even make it into the top 3 in terms of casualties…although maybe I notice a more red light runners down South.

Numbers in the Japan/Taiwan comparison are just the total numbers, no adjustments.
The 1.25 and 0.23 numbers are just referencing the population, ~125 million for Japan and ~23 million for Taiwan (although I think Taiwan is closer to 23.5 if I remember correctly).


So: those straight up numbers make it clear that Taiwan is utterly awful at road safety compared to their peers in Japan.

This is obvious to anyone with eyes who spends five minutes in each country!


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