Is Vaping Completely Banned in Taiwan Now?

Around the first of the year, it seemed like it was going to be, then the law seemed to be progressing. Has it been totally banned or not yet? I need a replacement imported soon.

It needs final ratification but the 反惡棍法 is set to be enacted in 2019.

So that will shut down the shops and stop me from buying from abroad?

What’s the rationale for banning it? Tobacco companies getting jealous?

That’s a big part of it. The broad “unknown health consequences” is the main argument. Also that it is a gateway for underage smoking.
Guess I’d better order soon and stock up on ejuice.

No, they are getting into it. It’s just not healthier than real cigarettes, sometimes even worse and they probably try to protect minors from getting into the vape thing.


Altria - Juul


It’s not healthy, in some cases it’s even worse than just smoking depending on the vape “juice” Lots of shit ones that’s def not good.

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The FDA has changed it’s tune on that, if that means anything to anyone.

That’s true about a lot of things we put in our bodies, but yeah, there is some truly low quality stuff out there. I’m more scared of bad vaporizers though. They’ll blow your face off.

Not really, everyone can live his/her life as they want.

First Taiwan, then the world. The dream is coming true.

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Go stand at the smoking area of any nice western hotel. Full of people vaping nicotine. They aren’t standing out in the bad weather huffing on a vape like it’s their last breath because they are addicted to cherry flavored mist.

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…Most of them anyway. Some tobacco companies see vaping as the way forward. Govts are getting wise to this.
Although cigs are ridiculously cheap in Taiwan.

There you go.


Not in Asia. Maybe they should get into Binlang cookies ?

Seriously? $110 for a pack of Marlboros? Yeah, it’s a bit cheaper than the liberal US cities, but the prices have been steadily rising. I think they were $60 10 years ago, and $90 when I came back 3 years ago.

Those are 11 pounds a pack in the UK, 8 euros in France, and like 30 AUD in Australia.


I’ve got to get out more. Philippines is the cheapest place I’ve found them.

Martha Stewart got into the weed game, developing snacks and sweets. At least now she won’t go to jail, it’s legal. (as long as she doesn’t have the books cooked)

You should write for a comedy news show. :slight_smile: :+1:

That said, let’s try to keep this thread topical.

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