Ishigaki by ferry?

Is it possible to go to Ishigaki island by ferry, taking your own motorcycle on it?

Last year there was a boat going there ONLY for gambling, I think it didn’t even get to the island itself… and I read something about some lines going from Hualien (?).

I think every monday there’s a boat from Suao called 麗娜輪 that goes to Ishigaki. The problem is it will only head out with 400 onboard.

Uhmmm 400 is actually a lot of people. Do you know the name of the company or boat?

麗娜輪 seems to be the name of the boat, but the ferry was damaged by a typhoon, and is not operated till the end of September.

The name of company is
Wagon group
Uni-Wagon Marine Co Ltd
J&T Shipping Co Ltd


Let’s refloat this thread again.

I’m also interested. Just took a look at the website for the ferry mentioned above.
It seems he means it won’t leave unless there’s at least 400 people. It doesn’t start it’s service to the islands until July 4th (actually it says Monday but 4/7 is a Wednesday??) and leaves and returns once a week for an estimated 10 trips.
Looks like the only return service is the same day so you have the choice of staying half a day, staying a week or flying back - although actually I’m not sure you can even do that; the tickets might just be for the same day return. Doesn’t look like you can buy a one way ticket

Return ticket costs 7500NTD return, minus 1000 if you buy before 8th June. I think you can bring a bicycle on for free. There’s also 2 different tour options for 3500/4000 (meals, tour guide, stuff like that).
Boat arrives midday and leaves 7:30pm
Those are the main things I could gather. It looks like you’d spend half as much as you would flying but if you can indeed only stay 7 hours then it kinda blows in my opinion.