ISO a Dahon Bike Dealer

I have a Dahon Speed that I bought in 2008. I have carted it around with me since then and have become very fond of it. I need to have the folding mechanism repaired/replaced now - the one in the middle. Google gave me a lot of hits but almost all were more than 3 years old and none of the newer ones panned out. Is there a Dahon shop SOMEWHERE on this island? A place that can at least help me order the replacement part that I need?

…ummm Dahon dealers are everywhere! There is even a Dahon dealer two blocks from my house in Sanxia. Very popular brand here.

Here is a link showing Taiwan dealers.

Off the top of my head I know No. 77 Cycle Station in Taipei (Minsheng/Jilin intersection) and Famous Bike in Taichung both carry Dahon and are friendly/helpful dealers.

I don’t mean to be condescending but are you sure it needs replacing? They do need to be adjusted frequently you know if you fold and unfold the bike a lot.

Yes, I have had two local shops look at it and that was their verdict. They are not Dahon dealers so I want to take it to a shop that knows Dahon - maybe they can adjust it.

I’ve most probably had the same problem and all of the others that can be had with Dahons but we won’t get into that now or I’ll get angry.
Assuming you were a fool like me and bought it from a source other than a proper Dahon dealer you can’t take advantage of their 5 year warranty.
If that is not the case and you are still inside the 5 years, make haste to said dealer and don’t take no for an answer.
If not you have some options;
Firstly, adjustment which has already been mentioned {tighten/loosen exposed bolt head in latch INCREMENTALLY until it is right}.
Secondly, replacement of all or part of frame latch via a Dahon dealer {who could theoretically make a fraudulent warranty claim to obtain the part and charge you}.
I have done this many years ago and was charged $800 for an entire latch the bolt of which broke within a week.
If I remember correctly I replaced the internal screw of the bolt the bolt myself the 2nd time.
Finally, check that the mating surfaces of the frame do in fact mate correctly. Mine no longer do as a result of constant problems with the hinge caused by actual RIDING of the bike.
If not, think about how willing you would be to be in front of that bus again and you’ll probably arrive at the same conclusion I did and scrap it.
For those interested my bike was a grey market import from China bought via the internet which I got about 5000km out of and anything else I could say about Dahon would probably get me sued in Taiwan so I won’t say anymore.

O.P. P.M. me if you want a lead on a shop in Taipei and send me a pic of the part {which is how Dahon do it 'cos they don’t have part numbers!]

Anyone know any Taipei area shops that have a good variety of Dahon bike options?

Dahon bikes has a less than great presence on the web for Taiwan when trying to find a Dahon flagship, or Dahon dealer that has all the models. Easy to find shops by searching Google Maps but those are mostly mom and pop shops that might have one or two options if any at all and few to no Dahon accessories.

Shops that carry Dahon will be able to order any parts or bikes for you.

Just be ready for them to try to sell you what they have in stock.

That’s what I’m afraid of.

I hate shopping in Taiwan.

I went to a Dahan dealer today and they don’t have Dahon and said Tern is the same.

Dahon and Tern bikes were at one time apparently the same company years ago.

Tern is based in Taiwan. Are they the same mechanically?

They look very similar but I wonder about parts and accessories.